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  1. introduction

    Yay So how do I actually team up with people? Is there some sort of list/roster/schedule where I can see who is playing what? Also I'm assuming that AJSA is mostly american but is there such a thing as European/Australian/etc sub divisions?
  2. Hello. A little back ground info, my brother and I have been struggling quite a while to find gaming friends (hence why I'm here). We used to have our own little 4man gaming group which worked well for most games. My 3 brothers and myself but due to family drama we have cut off from the other two about 2 years ago. Since then we've had a hard time finding fwiends. Now I'm not very keen on the whole guild business. I don't necessarily like being part of a very big community as I prefer small game groups, but the more people there are the easier it is to get games going right? So I finally caved in and talked to the bro about joining a guild an he said "what about the angry army?" We like angry joe and his attitude towards games and gaming and figured like minded people would flock to this community. Gaming History: computer(pc, xbox, nintendo)/board games/p&p I like p&p the most and as such I love so called rpg's. My favourites being games such as Kotor and Baldurs Gate. My second most favourite is anything "competitive" team games. I like teamplay and consider myself a good teamplayer (let me play support roles or I'll cut you) *ahem* I played a loooot of LoL and Smite. I've got For Honor but find that I suck at it and without a team of people you know it isn't much fun. At the moment the bro and I are mostly playing Overwatch and recently got into Heroes of the Storm. I also consider myself (and my bro) as very laid back gamers. We play to win of course but if we lose we don't lose the plot. As long as I feel like I have performed well I am happy, if the team has performed well and we simply got outplayed - I'm even happier. I enjoy a good game, there are plenty of games that I've lost and felt satisfied by. We are in New Zealand so would love to play with Australians/Kiwis. I have played a lot on American and European servers and don't mind it so much but the bro hates the ping issue ps: I'm 25 and have officially reached crazy cat lady status. I have achieved my goal in life and feel like I can die happy now. You can have a look at my cats here: http://s1240.photobucket.com/user/IlanaShar/library/Cats pps: I'm not good at foruming -Sal