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  1. Rise of Nations ( including its expansion, Thrones and Patriots ) is an all time favorite game of mine. The Extended version on Steam is the one to get.
  2. youtube haters, content

    It doesn't make much sense for me. I don't watch Game of Thrones, so I don't watch the GOT stuff he does. No biggie, I'll wait for the next interview or Let's Play or something.
  3. youtube haters, content

    So everyone is mad because he's making less reviews when he so far has 10? He seems to average 13/14 a year. Some years more then others. If he does reviews in Sep, Oct, Nov and Dec, then he'll be at 14. He may end with his average amount, and he's doing more content in between. What's the problem?
  4. I'm new here as well, and I'm mainly a PC Gamer, good day sir!
  5. Thank you for the welcome!
  6. I am insanely passionate about this game. I made two YouTube videos about it explaining it's development and everything. I never expected this to happen and I'm so glad I did. If anyone ever wants to get into this game, let me know and I will help you out. I want to get people into it.
  7. Hello everyone, this is GypsyBiscuits, I'm weird and new here. I've been looking for a community to join, especially for PC gaming and I've heard good things about here. Figured I would join and try to be part of the army. I can bake cookies. Strangely enough, I cannot bake good biscuits. Weird.