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  1. borderlands

    I've been getting back into Borderlands as of late and got to wondering two things-- 1. I want to play through the Tiny Tina dlc again with some other players. I have a character that can do it on Normal mode or a character that can do it on Ultimate Vault Hunter Mode. This is probably one of the best dlcs ever made for a game and it would be awesome to play through it with others for a change. 2. I never did finish the final boss of Claptrap's Fantastic Voyage from my playthrough of Pre-Sequel. I'd like to gets some gamers together to take that on as well and finally finish it once and for all. Lastly, MR. TORGUE IS AWESOME AND SHOULD BE IN MORE GAMES, YES?!!
  2. Who here is fan of the Ace Combat series? The recent E3 trailer for Ace Combat 7 got me to dig out my old Playstion 2 and start playing again. So far I've played through AC4 and AC0 and just started on AC5
  3. My brother and I went through about 5 of them before they stopped crapping out.
  4. There's also an arcade version as well, which I really, REALLY want to play. Seriously, if they ever ported it to PS4, I'd probably stop playing the browser game altogether.
  5. Hello everyone! I've been a long-time fan of Angry Joe and the other Channel Awesome producers and this looks like a great gaming community to be a part of! Glad to be here.