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Everything posted by AliVoxelious

  1. I'll watch out for wilbur I'll try that crew setup soon as I can tomorrow and see if my life becomes any easier. I continue to check the trinket lady but she never has anything good on her, I'll upgrade and check again.
  2. I recently built my PC and the first game I got was Rising Storm 2 Vietnam. Playing it on my own is at most a good experience but playing with others has proven to be a thousand times more fun. Other than the obvious and universal reasons, playing with other people opens up way more in the way of gameplay and coordination. I'm new but from what I understand there is nothing dedicated to this specific game in this group. If anyone would like to play by all means lets play.
  3. I'm stuck on the prophet mission in the beginning. My struggle is that all my good units are not ranged but that does not matter since there is cover in front that I have to destroy to actually get to him but before that happens he knocks all my guys down to death's door so I have to run away. Its an endless loop. I've just decided to focus on leveling some ranged guys up to break the cycle.
  4. Hi there! I new to PC and I already have a couple games that I can play! Planning to get more during the steam summer sale. I honestly have no clue what the Gh thing was but nevertheless, see you on the frontlines!
  5. Sorry about that!