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  1. Do I believe it will ever come out. Yes. Do I know that for 100% certainty. No. But then again that is part of the gamble when giving money to anything before the product is complete. To be fair to CR, yes he did say that they are focusing on quality, and they are (most true alphas are far worse than this), but alot of what is giving them grief is their networking/servers. They have released their production schedule for 3.0 and have been updating it every week. Yes it has been delayed alot, but with what they are trying to put into it, and some of the problems that they have had to iron out, its hard not too. If they had released 3.0 near the start of the year, calling it unplayable probably would have been an understatement. Now granted, it will more than likely still be sketchy as all heck at launch, but nowhere near as bad. As for SQ42, yea I am frustrated myself with any clear knowledge as to how truly along they are, but from what Ive heard is that the game is done, the biggest thing holding them up that I am aware of is the AI, which you cant really blame them for trying to get it right. Yea its frustrating and I wanted SQ42 last year kind of thing, but I would rather them do it right instead of pulling a Ubisoft/EA and release the game unfinished, buggy, with stupid AI and all around frustrating to play (cough Assassins creed Unity). As for the time, there is a saying that i heard awhile ago that says "love is like a fart, if you have to force it, its probably crap", likewise videogame development is the same way, if you have to rush it/force it, it will almost always be crap. I mean look at all the games that have flopped or have been received somewhat poorly, most if not all of them where rushed to meet some deadline set by the publishers. Now yes there are the rare exceptions like duke nukem forever and titan that were in production for ages and either bombed super hard or never came out, but those are an exception and in the case of duke nukem, involved alot of internal trouble that caused that to happen. To say that there is little progress so far is kind of an unfair statement only because we are not talking about an established studio. If it was naughty dog, activision, bethesda or an other large established studio, then i would agree with you far more, but because CIG started off with less than 10 people (8 i believe and at least 3 of them were not developers in any way shape or form), they not only had to hire people, but get studio space, equipment and everything else that a starting studio would need to even get going. It is also hard to guage alot of stuff with such and inconsistent source of income like crowdfunding. And just as a last thing, I have not always agreed with everything that CIG has done, but there hasnt been enough to say that they arent doing anything and that this is doomed. Anywho sorry for the wall of text
  2. ive got a constelation aquila if ever you want to explore around
  3. my SC handle is Chaosstheory