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  1. I was never interested in We Happy Few, until I saw this thread......
  2. yeet
  3. hoi
  4. *Click* Noice
  5. Alright thanks
  6. Thanks, I greatly appreciate the response. How would the GTX1060 / RX470/570 do in terms of bottlenecking the CPU?
  7. Just went on this website and got my full specs UserBenchmarks: Game 12%, Desk 37%, Work 25% CPU: AMD FX-4300 - 48.4% GPU: Nvidia GeForce GT 610 - 1.8% HDD: Toshiba DT01ACA100 1TB - 16.6% USB: Seagate BUP Slim BK 1TB - 54.7% RAM: Unknown 20GB - 28.3% MBD: Gigabyte GA-78LMT-USB3 6.0
  8. So recently I have decided to look for a new graphics card for my computer as of right now most graphic intensive games I cannot play at all. I have a Nvidia GeForce 610 graphics card. I have been looking to get a GTX 1070, wondering if it's worth it and if I should get the 1080 or the 1080TI. Thanks for the help!
  9. Hello, I am Poseidon. I've been watching Joe since 2015 and ever since I have stuck with him in his hilarious reviews. I can't wait to play with some of you, I have already played one Battlefield 1 event with Rune. May shitty games never prosper! Contact Info: Steam: Poseidon Xbox: Me Cj Tyler | Wildgoose81a Playstation: CptCarnivore