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    Anything but Video Games
  1. Sadly i rage quite a lot... It's just something about Dota 2 that makes me rage.
  2. oh my...
  3. What's an Angry army?
  4. Very hyped for this game. Love the video and can't wait to see what it will be like!
  6. 1. Hellsing Ultimate 2. Baccano 3. Cowboy Bebop 4. Attack on Titan 5. Kill la Kill 6. Karas 7. Angel Beats 8. Panty and Stocking 9. Fate/Zero 10. Dragon Ball Z
  7. Annoying fans that just have to mention they are a fan of this and this and can't just shut up about it.
  8. I have to recommend the Razor BlackWidow. It feels good and is overall a really good keyboard.
  9. Diablo 2: Lords of Destruction. Even tho i was really young and had no idea what to do and the game was kind of old it was still the most fun i have ever had with a game. I played for hours and hours with the stupid skill builds i came up with. Never got that good items or anything but it was super fun. Dota 2 is starting to replace D2 tho because it is the only game i play atm.
  10. Feint - Atlas is good<3
  11. 6/10 Got some space and shit over there. Galaxies and stuff.
  12. i just play on a PC because it has been what i have always been playing if you don't count stuff when i was little like snes and all that. It's what i play best with and what im used to. Maybe going to buy a ps4 sometime but not sure.
  13. Just finished Attack on Titan and now im watching Kill la Kill.
  14. Howl's Moving castle and Kiki's Delivery service. Awesome awesome movies.