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  1. Who on here plays Trove & would anyone support it for the XB1 community?
  2. Awesome. & to anyone besides RuneX that's reading this, if you want to be a part of the Crossout clan for the Angry Army, please let me or RuneX know, whether as a comment on this topic or a XBox Live message.
  3. It's like Twisted Metal, but you can customize your car
  4. Does anyone play Crossout on Xbox One? If so, contact me on Xbox. I might start a clan on it once that's possible.
  5. Is there requirements to join it?
  6. networking

    Whats up guys, my gamertag is DMRG D3M0NL0RD Games I like to play: Minecraft, Crossout, Forza 6, Skyrim, and Battlefield 1 & 4 Time Zone: Central