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  1. Does that toaster have the ability to cook four slices simultaneously? That's incredible. Also integrated modem...wat?
  2. Damn, i forgot that seananners was a thing. I haven't followed that whole call of duty scene in forever!
  3. I want to know who the guy is that voted Origin.
  4. I hope this thing doesn't appear as massive. Oh well. Here you go. EDIT: If there is a dedicated thread for this kind of thing let me know. i love talking computers! <3
  5. I think it was called the Quadruple Bypass burger at the Heart Attack Grill on Fremont in Las Vegas. I felt absolutely horrible afterward, heart palpatations and everything. Best burger i've ever had though.
  6. Probably just the cancerous community of league of legends. It kind of came over from PVP in WoW i think. Or Dota, whatever. Just the terms "bad" "baddie" "u bad" I hate it. Atleast use SOME form of grammar to mock my lack of skill.
  7. League of Legends. This game sucks. I hate it. I can't stop playing it. I want to rip my hair out every fifteen minutes. God i hate/love you LoL.
  8. The Amazing Atheist, Mighty Car Mods, Tek Syndicate, LinusTechTips, FreddieW, Tech of Tomorrow, JoinTheDuckArmy, JulianSmith. I could go on for days. Youtube is my second heartbeat. I don't really watch Joe as much, but the content he puts out is top notch and i always watch it if it pops up in my sub feed.
  9. Titanfall or Destiny both look like the next big thing to me. I don't see any hope for Destiny coming to PC though. It seems like an afterthought to the Dev's. This might result in me buying a damn PS3 for it, but whatever. Titanfall it is!
  10. I really loved the new tomb raider. I thought it was a blast to play through and it kept me hooked until the end. The game wasn't panned or anything, but it never really got any special recognition.
  11. I don't think the army needs anything from you mate. You're already a part of it. Just enjoy and contribute to the community in any way you see fit. Welcome!
  12. Nice to see you grandpa, sorry i haven't called in awhile. I'm sure we'll keep in touch on here to make up for it though. FIX YOUR COMPUTER <3
  13. Welcome to the army moo! You seem like a nice fellow. I never play TF2, but i'm glad to have you around! :]
  14. It will die off whenever blizzard wants it to die off. The only thing that will truly end WoW is blizzards sequel or a GIANT shakeup and innovation of the MMORPG genre as a whole. WildStar is doing alot in terms of changing the dynamics of the genre through fighting mechanics and story development, which is fantastic, but it will not kill WoW without several key features. They also cannot simply create the amount of content (even if they had another 5 years) that blizzard has created for WoW in terms of dungeons, questing, lore, and endgame content. You will not see WoW die conventionally for a VERY long time. That isn't necessarily bad or good, but take it for what it is. Blizzard will release the next big thing, and people will jump on it. WoW will still be around though. Low overhead, high profit.