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  1. I played during one of the betas; I thought the PvP was fun. The one PvE mission they had available was garbage in my opinion, so I had spent the majority of my time in the beta playing PvP. While I enjoyed it, there were definitely a lot of unbalanced weapons. I felt the map they had was terrible to play on, but it was nice to look at. I'm gonna have to wait until release to get a full idea of it, of course. Hopefully they flesh it out and do their best to balance those weapons.
  2. Cuphead has started a huge discussion about difficulty in video games. Is it fair for games to lock-off content from players that are unskilled enough to deal with a game's difficulty? Personally, I say yes. Not every game is made to be widely accessible. The developers do not have to make their game with the option to make the game easier. It is their vision for their game to be a certain way; that is how they want their game to be. If they lose a sale because of it, so be it. But what do you all think?
  3. How can you say that the loot crates that GOG and GMG are putting out are any better than G2A's? From the OP it seems you're opposed to the idea of loot crates in general, but then you're somewhat okay with GOG and GMG doing it because it's less scummy. If you're gonna shit on G2A for it, you gotta shit on these GMG and GOG as well, otherwise it seems like you're biased and that you're flip-flopping on your opinions just because one company is doing it in a shadier fashion. At the end of the day, they're all selling loot crates. Not trying to shit on you, just a bit confused by what you're saying.
  4. While I agree G2A is a shady ass company, I'm not gonna shit on them for introducing loot crates. It's not a stellar system, but you don't have to fuck with it. I can totally see why people get upset over loot boxes being in every game, but that's the developers/publisher's choice, that's that. It's not the responsibility of any company to worry about some random's gambling issues, that's for the individual to worry about.
  5. I'm excited that Cuphead is releasing at the end of the month, I've been waiting for it for a while. It sucks there won't be any online multiplayer, but the game still looks like a fun single-player experience. Anyone else here excited for Cuphead?