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    Gaming, Tall Guys and Cheesecake! :P
  1. Well at least you and I can team up then maybe a few others may guest at SBI
  2. I could not leave this earth without a savoury meal! Ice cream's cool and all (especially Ben & Jerry's. I had a bowl of that last night as it goes) but I just wouldn't be satisfied lol
  3. Why don't we all hook up in Teamspeak later and maybe sort out a GW2 meet up for tonight? We can guest on one server and maybe run a few dungeons or just hang out questing or what ever?
  4. Right, so the best way forward would for us all to list which servers we are on. The server with the most people on it should be the one that we all transfer to? Or we make a poll list of all the NA/EU servers and vote on them. The NA/EU servers with the most votes will be the guild server? What do you all think? My server: Stormbluff Isle
  5. Us lot are all over the joint!. Only a couple of us are on the same server lol
  6. Well even though I live in the UK I always game on US servers because most of the people I play with are Stateside (plus I like to drool over the accents!) so I can't join/guest on a EU server any more and I don't play the game enough to bother buying a server transfer
  7. FFS! My characters are stuck on the loading screen for some reason! I've had no trouble at all playing today so I don't understand why this fuckery is happening now. It's odd as I felt something fishy going on when I logged onto my PC after dinner as my Chrome browser had reset and 2 programmes had tried to install on there. Added 2 seconds later: Erm, it's loaded now so ignore that post
  8. You're very welcome
  9. Walls sausages FTW!
  10. Thank goodness for Google
  11. Ok it's a bit of a macabre question I know, but I find this question so fascinating! You can have a starter, main and dessert Mine would be; Starter: Lots of Dim sum. Main: Slow-Roast Belly of Pork with lots of Crackling, Fondant Potatoes, French Green Beans tossed in Garlic and a delicious Garlic and Rosemary Gravy. Dessert: A whole Italian baked Cheesecake... Well if a gal's gotta go she might as well go with a full stomach!
  12. I'll have to investigate the guesting business as I've been game hoping lately so haven't kept in the loop of GW server rules
  13. So sad isn't it when people become famous just by getting rat arsed every night and pissing themselves on T.V
  14. What servers are you all on? I'm on Stormbluff Isle. Free server transfers are over now (I think?) so I doubt that we'll all be able to play with each other
  15. I've beem waiting on Blade & Soul for ages! Also ArcheAge.