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  1. fight nights

    All will know the Wrath of Shao Sick !!
  2. Kountdown to Kombat - Xbox Fight Nights Announcement & Schedule A call to action to all Kombatants of the AJSA! Prepare for battle this Sunday night on February 10th, 2019 as we band together to kick off our ‘Kountdown to Kombat’ Fight Night series on Xbox One. Presented by the Emperor of Angerworld, Shao Sick [Gamertag: Sickshock6], in anticipation of the release of Mortal Kombat 11 in April we are organizing a three month long community project celebrating the fighting game genre by coming together to play and enjoy a variety of fighting games. Starting off our Fight Nights with Mortal Kombat X this Sunday, we'll be featuring titles such as Street Fighter IV, Killer Instinct, and more as weeks progress with Mortal Kombat 11 concluding the ‘Kountdown to Kombat’ series in April. These Fight Nights will be held on a bi-weekly basis on Sunday evenings for February and March with the exception of April where we will have two Fight Nights back to back to accommodate for holidays. All upcoming Fight Nights, dates, and times will be outlined down below. All of the Fight Nights will be hosted by our lead Kombatant, Sickshock6, who will be directing and leading all Fight Night activities as part of this series. Many of the titles featured in this series are either free to play or available through the Xbox Game Pass to ensure as much accessibility as possible to community members. Fight on! Kountdown to Kombat - Fight Nights Schedule February 2019 Sunday February 10th - Mortal Kombat X - 7pm EST Inaugural Kountdown to Kombat Fight Night Available on the Xbox Game Pass Sunday February 24th - Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition - 7pm EST Available on the Xbox Game Pass Backward compatible March 2019 Sunday March 10th - Killer Instinct - 7pm EST Free to Play [Visit the Xbox Store to download] Sunday March 24th - Brawlhalla - 7pm EST - Host: Sickshock6 Free to Play [Visit the Xbox Store to download] April 2019 Sunday April 7th - Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 - 7pm EST Available on the Xbox Game Pass Sunday April 14th - Mortal Kombat X - 7pm EST - Host: Sickshock6 Available on the Xbox Game Pass Sunday April 28th - Mortal Kombat 11 - 7pm EST - Host: Sickshock6 Conclusion to the Kountdown to Kombat series Kountdown to Kombat - Point of Contact Have any questions regarding the upcoming Fight Nights? Please contact our Fight Nights hosts and organizer, Sickshock, on the forums and/or on Xbox Live. Gamertag: Sickshock6 Forum Handle: @SickShock6
  3. I would like to thank Rune first and foremost for giving me the opportunity to serve as a staff member in this amazing community. I would also like to thank all of my friends and fellow community members on the Xbox one Division. All of the good times and laughs we have while playing together as a community truly inspire me to always do my best for the community. You guys are the best thank you again and Happy gaming to you all. P.S. You Will all fall to Shao SIck !!!!
  4. Thank you to all of our members who give there support and dedication to the community. It is you guys that make this community truly amazing! It is truly an honor to be in apart of the AJSA. So thank you for playing and lets have a great celebration week!! - SickShock6 Sgt XB1 Staff P.S Sickbeard told me he will see you landlubbers on the high seas!
  5. Happy Birthday AJSA Community!!!
  6. Hello and Welcome @Stearpyk!! I am Sickshock6 and I am in charge of the monster hunter world XB1 Guild as well as Game Nights we have here on the XB1 Division. I am all ready to get you set up with the angry hunters. When you are ready please do not hesitate to message me here on the forums or on xbox live. My Gamertag is SICKSHOCK6. I cant wait till we slay some monsters together!!
  7. Calling all Hunters! Sickshock here, your good ol' local monster hunter, putting out this Public Service Announcement to all our lovely Xbox members of the AJSA Community. If you play Monster Hunter World and are looking to group up and play with your fellow friends from the community, we have a Squad set up for you! We are the 'Angry Hunters', a group dedicated to helping out our fellow hunters with leveling up, progressing through story mode, hunting big game, and helping out with hunting for needed armor pieces. We will accommodate for anyone interested in joining. There are no requirements to be apart of the Squad. We've been around since the game's launch but since we've had so much interest, activity, and questions from members, we decided to make this post on the forums to get everyone in the loop and new folks set up. If you're interested in joining please respond to this thread or message me on XBL (SICKSHOCK6) and I will get in touch with you to get you all set up. I ask as well to please provide below what time zone you reside in so we can sync up easier. I'll also post to this thread and update you all whenever we have any events or game nights scheduled. Thank you and Happy Hunting!!!
  8. Sure thing Psykogrl I'll add you and just let me know when you are free so I can get you all set with the squad ! By the way if you need help in any quest or hunt don't hesitate to ask !
  9. The Angry Hunters are gathering on March 18th at 7:00pm EST for this Sunday's Game Night! Please continue to use the Forum page or message me if you are not part of the Angry Hunters yet. I encourage any and all who are interested in participating to sign up! We have a Game Night notice up on the AJSA Xbox Club page for MHW where you can add your name. Let me know if you have any issues/need help! Thank you!!!
  10. Rawr you are all set !!
  11. Welcome to the AJSA Moar Rawr ! Hope to see you soon at an XB1 Event and come meet your fellow members ! Maybe sometime we can also Monster Hunter World ! If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask ! - Sick
  12. The winner with 5 votes is MK X !!! Thank you to all who voted see you Wednesday for the MK X Game Night !!
  13. The following Poll is for an upcoming Game Night on Wednesday January 24th 2018 at 7 PM EST. On the 24th of this month Game Nights is once again having another Fight Night ! For this month members will get to vote on which fighting game from the list provided will be showcased for our Fight Night ! The voting process will end on Tuesday January 23rd 2018 at 10 AM EST !! - Thank You !
  14. Sorry Dragon I have the game on my PlayStation.
  15. Welcome to the AJSA Mr. B !! I am Sickshock6 from the Xbox one division team and we would love to have you join us during an event night or a weekly event ! Do not hesitate to ask me or Melon if you have any questions !!
  16. Welcome to the Angry Army Captain Sparrow !! I am Sickshock6 and I am also part of the Xbox one Division. We would love for you to join us at one of our weekly events or Game Nights ! Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. I look forward to gaming with you soon !
  17. networking

    Welcome to the AJSA Xbox one division Gundam Cant wait to start playing some games with you ! I Will add you !!
  18. The game is on sale is for $30 a 50% off deal !!
  19. Info for the first WW2 DLC pack "Resistance" !!
  20. Forgot To mention the Return of Gun Game !!
  21. New Guns, Skins, and a new map Coming Soon To Call of Duty WW2 !!!
  22. In Recent events concerning micro transactions in games like Star Wars Battlefront 2 and other tittles I would like to point out a transaction that is worth the $5 you give. As you know Call of Duty has a non for profit organization know was the Call of Duty endowment program. This program is geared toward helping our veterans find jobs when they return home. I think it is time we vote with our wallets and tell big corporations that Support micro transactions that help give back to the community ! So I ask before you spend that $5 somewhere else please consider the COD WW2 Endowment bravery pack and support a soldier in need ! Thank you ! (p.s 100% of all donations go towards the troops not to developers pockets like W.B) Endowment Bravery pack: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/store/p/call-of-duty-wwii-call-of-duty-endowment-bravery-pack/c0v71t54svj6 Endowment about page: http://www.callofdutyendowment.org/about
  23. networking

    Gamertag: SICKSHOCK6 Games I like to play but not limited to are COD, Battlefront 2, Gears, Rainbow six, Overwatch, Battlefield, Mortal Kombat, Destiny, Halo, Titanfall 2 and many others !
  24. Just placing this here for better understanding of how Divisions work in WW2 for new players !
  25. Hello and Welcome Finniar ! 😁 I read the post you made on the Xbox one gamertag list that you play Cod WW2 and I just wanted to let you know I host a weekly get together during off event nights on Xbox to just to get everyone playing with each other. I have been doing cod since launch and you are more then welcome to join us ! The next one is this Sunday at 7 est I will add you on Xbox live so be on the look out and again welcome ! 😁