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  1. What i am saying is get the people in the community not spam them get them on are side and have them help tell the creators we dont like this not spamming sorry for the way i worded it i also mean find people who like it get there opinion and explain why it is bad dont argue just put good points in there and if they dont agree after that then let them do what they want but if they do agree then we have more people on are side don't force them to just make good points and we can get them on are side
  2. And if you do buy the games then try to contact a the creators and tell them how they can change the game for the better and if they do then it could help the gaming community becuase if they get money for that change then most likely other companies will do the same i am not saying you have to i am asking you to so that games will be better and less pay to win and with out lootboxes the main reason loot boxes are things is because people buy them
  3. We need to go in to the community of these gams and get more people on are side and we need to stop buying the games that are pay to win/loot boxes becuase if we buy these games it gives them more money and they put more loot boxes in becuase it gets them more money so lets fight against the loot box money grabs convince more people to go against the loot boxes and we will succeed so lets do this
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    GamerTag FluffABun Games BTF1 Gta5 warframe overwatch elder scrolls online dc universe online injustice 2 mountain time zone
  5. Welcome to the AJSA
  6. Welcome to the AJSA
  7. Hi

    Im a person named FluffABun ive watched joe for a while and i will meet people i hope i feel like this is an awkward post so here is an angry joe