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  1. It's sad that Joe doesn't come to his forums. I've never been here or followed the ah community much but I was hoping he could do something no one else has done and stand up to EA and big corporates ruining this industry. Not just rant
  2. Joe. I've followed you since TGWTG days and always loved your content. I recently saw your angry rant on the star wars loot boxes and prettygoodgaming news podcast on it. I decided to download the beta to see for myself and it was all true. Joe, You use to say you are the voce for the voiceless in the gaming community and I still believe this. Please boycott reviewing or purchasing this game and show us, the voiceless, that we can stop these practices finally. I'm 30 years old and love video games but we need to finally say enough. A movie reviewer did this for Ghostbusters and it worked. We support you but I feel I can speak for everyone when I say this is enough and if someone as influencial and big can tell them you refuse to review game and boycott maybe others will follow through. For reference, this is the video I'm talking about. https://youtu.be/hz8X2A7wHyQ I hope you do see this Joe. And thanks for the content you provide.