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  1. greetings I hope to join the fight against the vile practice that is micro-transactions. I hope to contribute and execute the practice that is micro-transactions.
  2. in a topic I am sure have been discussed. I think it is time to rally against the disease that is Micro-transactions. Some People may say that the game industry is able to keep game costs down because of Micro-transactions. I was shown a chart that supposedly says so. But think of this we Gamers already pay quite a bit for our games and it builds up fast. standard edition of several triple A games cost roughly sixty dollars. Then there is the silver or special edition of the game which is seventy to eighty dollars. finally there is gold or collectors edition which costs in the hundreds of dollars. we pay this ludicrous amount just to play their game. Does this satisfy their greedy wallets no they go farther by having the gall to demand more from us. in the form of in game content pay walls. Sure they don't wall off entire levels but how much longer before they do? how much longer before they close off entire levels, and make us pay a certain amount of money to unlock the next level? well one thing is for sure I will be fighting tooth and nail to not give them the chance. so in a sense you corporate ass kissers take your Micro-transactions and walk into an angry alligator den
  3. I share your concern Joe I really do. These villains these captains of corporate commander need to be routed this cannot become a regular practice. This war on micro-transactions need to be payed more attention to rather then swept under the rug. I do hope we don't have to deal with this in 2018.