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  1. Reviews are not ''Buy this game'' or ''Don't buy this game''. A good review tells what kind of gameplay the game includes, it takes notes of how good graphics are etc. It give consumer information, so they can adjust their opinion of the game, if they like it or don't. You can't make an honest opinion out of trailers, screenshots or what the developers have claimed. If you look at the Aliens:CM footage, you can clearly see that it's completely different from the final version. Maybe from LP you could make some kind of idea, but you're not playing it, and LPers rarely explain how it feels to play the game. Wise man once said ''Smart people learn from mistakes. But real sharp ones learn from the mistakes of others''. Gaming media is here to protect the consumer from bad and awful games, not to to tell us what we have to buy and what not. It's your money, so buy whatever you want, but you wouldn't buy a car or house without seeing it first, it's a bad comparison, but for some people buying a game might be almost as big deal as buying a car because of their money situation. The money is not the only issue, but the fact that you would support a bad company for a bad game is absurd. If people keep supporting bad video games, it might mean another crash on the industry, just like in 1980's.
  2. I was actually considering on buying this game on the release date after checking some reviews (I've loved most of the MoW games, except Vietnam), but they actually just changed the game into early access title? That's outrageous! People thought they could actually play the real deal, but got beta instead. I would understand if they would have given people time to cancel their pre-orders, but no. Here we can see another reason why not to pre-order games, in addition with the Watch Dogs downgrade being on the news, which I wouldn't consider to be that big of a deal. It's astonishing how publishers can take the money and slap the ''Early access'' on the logo, and say ''Well deliver rest later''. There isn't even a guarantee that they will deliver rest of the content later. Kentucky Route 0 is one of the examples where the developer have taken more than a year to develop the game after its release. I hope that these people are able to get refund, unless Steam basically says ''F- you, thanks for the money''. Steam does allow you to refund pre-ordered games, but Steam might have changed the game from pre-order to ea title, so basically people bought ea title, and they won't be allowed to get a refund.
  3. So just because the game is about an hour or two long, doesn't mean that you shouldn't buy it. Back then games were from 20 minutes to one hour long, in terms of content, but people usually played the game for months and months, just to perfect their runs, so they have something to brag about. Ninja Gaiden on NES can be beaten in 15 minutes without any glitches. LoZ: OOT can be beaten under 19 minutes, with glitches of course. Sure, $20 is a high price for 2 hours of content, but I remember playing MGS4 demo, for over 7 hours. I didn't have the age to get the game, but I still somehow squeezed that 7 hours out of it. I tried different CQC moves, different tactics, annoyed enemies, tried perfect runs (no alerts, no kills) etc. MGS games have always had huge amount of replayability.
  4. You're not the only one. I think we've had our share of the VR threads, maybe one less a month could make it more unique. On the thread. It's going to come and leave. I can't see myself playing with Oculus for more than 45 minutes to 1 hour, and neither does some of the people. VR won't give you any tactical advantage. There is already TrackIR, which already does what Oculus is doing, without the googles and less real head movement. It doesn't immerse you as much as Oculus does, but personally I could see myself using it for longer periods. VR googles will just be another gimmick.
  5. Most likely not. Since PS4 is more powerful, there might be some advantages to other party. One might have higher view distance, or the other might have less vegetation or better FPS. For me Destiny looks just like Borderlands without the memes a.k.a. good Borderlands. I still think that they haven't shown enough gameplay, but rather only scripted gameplay, so I really can't make a clear picture out of the game. I'll probably pick it up for PS3 after the price has been cut half.
  6. Just like everyone have already pointed out. Yu-Gi-Oh all the way. I haven't really been up to live TCGs, but on online I've played Heartsone and Scrolls quite a lot. Scrolls has nice tactical element, but it still feels very one sided and somewhat unbalanced.
  7. I believe it's same kind of retailer as the other, like Kinguin. It sells you CD-keys from retail boxes. Basically this is not legal, and Steam and Origin has right to ban you, but the chances for that are minimal (very minimal). If you don't get CD-key, or the CD-key you buy might be already used, you don't basically have any guarantee to get it. I personally try to stay away from these sites, but I end up picking Origin keys and Uplay keys sometimes. The difference between G2A and e.g. GMG is that GMG is authorized reseller, whereas G2A buys boxed copies and takes the CD-key. You shouldn't be too scared of these sites, unless it's fairly new, and the reviews don't look too good. You should also check what people say in the reviews, since some of those might have exactly same review, so they've been made by bots.
  8. I don't know if you've checked that, but on Square's online store, they claim that you need to register the game on steam. I don't know if you've checked your email for a code. I believe it always came with steam key, but I might be wrong.
  9. What's the deal with this sudden G+ hate? It sucks and it's worse than the old comment system, but if the big guys on the Google wants us to use it, we'll just have to adapt or stop using it. Only good side is the notion thingy at the top right of the screen, but otherwise it's an awful mess.
  10. That doesn't really make sense, since he's Canadian. My vote goes for Homer Simpson. He's an athlete, safety inspector, astronaut, actor, bodyguard etc. He's pretty much a man who can qualify to any job position (your safety won't be guaranteed).
  11. I've never really liked the combat mechanics of Magicka game, since it's mostly using the same OP spell that will blast all of your enemies out of the area. Some of the more unique spells will always make the game a bit more interesting. I didn't really play the MP of Magicka (maybe few matches), so I can't really give an honest opinion about it. I think the coop campaign was the major attraction, and the best part about the game, especially when you cast spells on each other, rather than try to cooperatively focus on the objective. I personally can't see this being a huge thing, but maybe it will somehow change the combat to a bit more organized.
  12. I bloody hate how the invasion doesn't even work. Not a single invasion, nor single successful invasion from me. The game itself is awesome. It's more of the same, but so much better, this is what sequel should be. The animations are actually really good and smooth, even though the FPS drops down to ~20 sometimes. I've been playing for few hours in the Blue sentinels, but not a single person have required my help against an invasion. I'm not even sure if the invasion is working right now. As a Blue Sentinel, I will purge every world out of the sinful undead, and save every one of those casul players, who will be the Shade of Blue sentinels!
  13. I find Steam as a DD platform that works nicely. It's not really that much different from something like Origin or Uplay (except the fact that they have much wider category of games, and even better sales). It still annoys me sometimes, when you're playing offline, and suddenly it says ''Key server failed'', and then half of your games are unplayable, and some of them just plain out doesn't work. It's great, but not near perfect.
  14. Congrats, but just like Gomly said, you never start from the top. You might end up developing mobile games for the rest of your life, pushing shovel ware after shovel ware. Did you send an application to some studio, or did you search through some kind of office? I was just wondering on what studio you'll be working, unless you find it as something you don't want to tell, since it might give out your personal details etc. So it's fully understandable if you don't want to. Let's just hope that you design great stuff.
  15. Mafia 2 was playable, but it still felt very bland. I think the linearity took large part of the game, and made it into huge pipeline of crime sprees. I don't know about that one. If I recall correctly, EA has the rights for Godfather license, and they won't continue any game series that won't bring them more income.