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  1. I'll try, but lately my time schedule has taken a big bite taken out of it and I am usually on Skype with friends versus Teamspeak. I'll try to see if I can coax them on there.
  2. ...this thing is hard as hell.
  3. I've never played Borderlands so I can't comment on that. But I do like the look of the HUD so far.
  4. I had to get my brother to do Rank 7 for me. I BARELY made it past Rank 8. And I was on Rhino...using the Ether Scythe! Not fun times indeed.
  5. I'll be on all day today pretty much so I guess its just on Glaice. I have 2 T3 Captures keys myself. Not sure how many T2s I have. Or we can do ODS for the BP if we don't get it via T2s?
  6. ._. Still looking for that Ember Prime systems and BP. Sorry I haven't been on recently, holidays have been crazy. Also trying to get myself into another AJS sponsored game...
  7. I'm sticking with my PC. Way easier to upgrade and I'm just more used to the controls. Also its a lot easier to play RPGs on PC for me versus console.
  8. I found it hilarious when I informed my friend who just got into Warframe that the only other way to get Excalibur aside from starting with him is from the highest level planet in the system. Ah well, he enjoys his Mag. Just needs to get some shields on her.
  9. Just need sunlight dragon lily...and I can craft my Lapis.
  10. The ridiculous F2P restrictions are the only things stopping me from playing this game. No I don't want to be bombarded constantly about "well you could have this if you were subbed!" messages every time I turn in a quest. Don't get me started on the whole action bar deal either.
  11. Nothing more rage inducing then getting a credit reward at the 25 minute mark. But some of the other rewards you can get are pretty nice. Also plenty of things to kill and get stuff.
  12. I will admit its slow to start, but once you get enough weapons/xp/etc. things pick up really quickly.
  13. Maybe if we set a time. I try to be on teamspeak when I can but usually its just maybe three of us on at the most.
  14. Well hopefully since we do technically have a dojo in the works, just a question of changing leadership or something.
  15. Same here. Though I dunno if I'll actually get to as I might be out with friends.