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  1. I'm curious as to how important it is to have a person who is skilled at thinking up game mechanics and themes to the development of a game, and also what skills that person should have?
  2. I've been a gamer my entire life, seen the many gameplay styles out there and far too many mechanics to list here. I'm 35 right now and have been forced to stop playing console and PC games due to low income. I've had to turn to mobile gaming. My Google Play profile is Lv42 because of my gaming habits and skills. Of the games I enjoy I've noticed that developers have begun combining genres together in mostly unsuccessful and unimaginative games. I've been hooked on tower defence games for quite awhile now. I've also been a huge fan of mining/crafting games. I was thinking something like star control 3's galaxy map, planet structure, and artifacts with an added mining mechanic. Through in a tower defence function where you can use mined materials to craft and upgrade towers. And if you really want to wow the kids you make units you can upgrade and research and even discover from found artifacts that could be used to invade other players for resources. Just something I'd like to see. Though mining games are really hard on your phones battery so developing a system that doesn't use massive numbers and calculations would be ideal. A balanced pacing would be ideal. And maybe even a market for players to buy and sell resources. It's allot to through into a mobile game, yet I'd play the hell out of it!