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  1. Great to hear that the angry army has a great interest in this game. Hopefully we’ll be able to support and manage a sustainable community within the game. With organised hunting parties and regular game nights. It will be interesting to see what will come of this.
  2. So who has pre-ordered this and is ready for many hours of grinding out gear and fighting challenging monsters? My paycheck just rolled in and I’ll be buying it today. Who is with me at launch? I probably won’t be able to play very much during the first weekend due to work. But during the next months this game will likely take up most of my time. So who is with me? And if not, what is wrong with you?
  3. What sort of controller are you using? I am 3 years into the lifespan of my DS4 controller and so far only had to replace one of the triggers when a family member pressed the triggers a bit too hard. Other than that it’s been fine. I upgraded to next gen in Christmas of 2014. I remember because me and my cousin got it at the same time. This month Injustice Gods Among Us was awarded in a ps+ bundle. One of the better ones. We played the shut out of that game. Overall I must say this Gen gen is proving to be one of the better ones. The only complaint I have is the console market now pushing so much for VR. This doesn’t interest me at all. It feels more like a gimmick like the Nintendo Wii’s motion controls. I really long for it to disappear.
  4. Yeah I would agree. Sure some games will look better in 4K but only a limited number of them have that option so far (likely costs a lot more than standard HD graphics.) Some games I even hear the standard PS4 run with a slightly better frame rate than the Pro.
  5. The hype for Fortnite Battle Royale wore off really quickly for me. But I do play KF2 from time to time. Add me on PSN: JacobMoses and I’m sure we can get together for a few games of KF2 😀👍.
  6. Looks great. I hope it comes to the West eventually. Seems like a mix between old school beat em’ ups with a cool over the top anime touch on it. Watching the gameplay made me wanna re-watch DBZ.
  7. (Sorry for double post. Posting to make people aware of new Beta for the game coming up.) New Beta coming up Hunter: World™ Beta Third beta starting from 2 a.m. (UTC) Friday, January 19th, 2018! No PS+ required! This time around you’ll be able to fight the Nergigante! The Beta can be pre-loaded on Wednesday the 17th of January. If you already participated in an earlier Beta and kept the Beta client you should be good to go according to Capcom I quote: “No additional download necessary for players who have already saved the Monster Hunter: World™ Beta to their system storage during the first two betas.” ~Capcom The Nergigante hunt will be more difficult than the other hunts available in the Beta. The time limit for this hunt has also been lowered to 15 minutes. That’s why I’m hoping we can get a party going for the Beta. It’ll add a new nice challenge for the AJSA PS4 Division. We can do it gang! If there’s a will there’s a way! Here’s a YouTube video of a Japanese player fighting the Nergigante: More information about the Beta can be found at MH World’s own website: http://www.monsterhunterworld.com/us/topics/beta/ Hope to see some of you there!
  8. Looks great. Like a mix between dark souls and a really good anime. Hopefully it’ll bbe more action oriented because I’m not a huge fan of JRPGs.
  9. How are you liking the more popular Battle Royale mode? A blatant rip-off off PUBG but a very successful one at that. Making the Unreal Engine certainly has its upsides. Personally I was turned off from the esthetics of the game and overall gameplay for me. It just wasn’t interesting enough and progression felt sluggish.
  10. Yeah, these days you got to get some thick skin before going out there with an opinion. I’m actually happy to see that this toxic micro transaction trend is finally met with some anger from people. I usually can’t be arsed to go into detail why a certain company is exploiting their customers if the person in question is a fanboy. Your wallet is your most powerful tool to do this. Personally I am actively boycotting companies who I find exploit their customers in different ways. Whether it be rushing the game or inputting pay-to win mechanics into a 60+ dollar game. Companies I currently boycott and have been doing for years are EA, Ubisoft and BioWare. I also next to never pre-order games. And I would advise anyone else reading this to so the same. It is the pre-order that makes companies rush out games for a quick cash grab. Only to Make their game extinct a few months later with bad decisions. It is us gamers who shape the sort of games in the future we want to be around. I’m for an example fine with paying full price for a game or even a more expensive deluxe edition if I know the game is going to be fair and not exploitive. A fair system where I actually progress just by playing the game (not forking over IRL cash). For me if micro transactions are even in a game they should only offer cosmetics, That’s it. It also makes you value your progression more and respect others who made it further than you. You know they didn’t just pick up their creditcard and pay their way to the top. It ruins the purpose of even playing the game in the first place. With the Battlefront 2 controversy I’d say we still have a long way to go before gaming is fixed. But at least most of us are on the right path.
  11. Wounded up being more busy than planned at the end of December. So wasn’t able to join you as planned. I have however pre-ordered the game and I’m looking very much forward to release. Hopefully lots of people will pick it up so we.can get hold of loads of parties for hunting.
  12. New Beta coming up the 22nd of December. Anyone up for it? I got a pretty stressful end of December but hopefully I’ll be able to test it out some. The bowguns all seem really awesome imho. Got to play it some last Beta and completed all three quests. So now i’m gonna focus on the feel of the weapons. Oh and btw no PlayStation+ membership required this time around.
  13. PSN: JacobMoses PS4: Currently playing Fallout 4, Brawlhalla, Fortnite Battle Royale. Anxiously waiting for Monster Hunter World to release. Hope to make some new friends here at AJSA to play with. Most of my old friends lost their love for gaming a few years ago. Been a huge fan of AJ for as long as I can remember. I hail from Sweden, Scandinavia and I’m in the GMT+1 time zone. Oh, yeah and I’d also like to join the PS4 AJSA rooms.