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    Weigh lifting, Anime both watching and illustration. And of course gaming.
  1. Duh dude, something must be done about this EA Profitering off the destruction of our childhoods brother.🚨
  2. Cool. A do point 3
  3. God........this Movie Was Such A Disapoinment
  4. Battle log Entry: 001. Start date: 01-09-018. Recruit: Britt. It has been three days since I first join the ranks of the AJSA's Discorded core and already started making good repuor with my fellow recruities and commanding officers. StriaghtupMelon in particular has been very helpful some of my topics on the deterioration of the game world and terrany of Corprate Command. Plus meeting a celeb like Jack Sparrow pretty sweet 😎. I've also been trying out possible game ideas to command so hopefully that actually goes some where. I try not to step on any ones shoes since I'm a recurtie myself but I can't help trying to contemplate such things with a new group of possible friends. And I think I'm really starting to do well considering I'm got six likes and hope that continues. I'm not sure what I can contribute here but there several sectors that need more help from recruits just joining so finding a spot to fit in won't be to difficult. Also I was think about asking command if i can work with the bullshit translator to translate more encode messages from Corporate Command. So probably send to requisition for that pretty soon here. And also I'm continuing my high rise in Battle front 2 with some large success as a pilot, turns out I'm a pretty mean customer when comes to piloting an Xwing. I will continue on my own analysis on the crap of SWEABF II. Gotta go for now. :End of transmission.:
  5. Bronybrother
  6. I know this is kinda old and if I wanted to be an ass to EA I should of just not bought the game but baring that in mind I still mange to by get Battle front 2 for well under it 70$ asking price soo........ Suck it EA! You ain't getting all of my money like you wanted. Oh sure this isn't like I got the deluxe edition which was a buckshot price of 125$ bucks by the way. But I still felt good about it. Plus I had a bunch of other games I wanted to st rid of so what area y to fight get rid of them she making sure I wasn't going to get ripped off by this year's over priced B.S. Of a game. SUCK IT EA! 😘
  7. Thanks for you're input Commander.
  8. Since I picked up the controller of the original Xbox all those years ago my gamer heart belonged to Halo. The first time I heard the Warthog theme i knew it was game that would capture my attention for years to come. The days I spent playing Halo 1-3 either with my friends or by my self alone were some of the best times of my life. Hell there were moments when just hearing the the theme once or twice day made the world seem brighter if only for that brief amount of time. But now a days, after the main games were done and the awesome side games like ODST or REACH were well behind me and the debacle that was 4 and 5 i guess for the most part in a bit gamer fitague of my once treasured series. He'll now a days I have to be in more sentimental mood to want to listen to the Warhtog theme. And now after all this time 6 might actually be heading around the corner? I don't know whether to be happy and celebrate or roll my eyes and wait for Joe's review of it in the next year and half. Honestly I haven't hung out with the chief in dogs age, I mean it probably won't be anything like the game I once remember with fondness or adulation. So why bother. Corprate's already got its dirty hands in it with gamer cards, a ridiculous point system, pay to win multiplayer crap. The damn thing felt more a Call of Duty clone my last play through of Halo 5. Thanks A lot 343. Still though I've been a loyal Halo fan for along time and my heart still filters a bit at the prospect of a new Halo. A new chance of a new beginning, a fresh new story yet to be concluded. But I don't know if it's worth spending the money for it and that's not something I thought I'd ever say about a new Halo. So I ask is Halo worth it anymore. Thanks for reading☺
  9. Thank you sickshock sir.
  10. "War Never Changes." (Fallout4.) The fight is long and archous as our Lord and commander Joe will tell ya. You nose gets broken. You're cheeks get bruised. The blood runs deep in the ground. And though you're bones ache, muscles are tensed and all you want to do is slump over and cry to you're mama. DONT. Never give in. Fight till you drop. Race into the heart of the battle and don't stop till the other guy is dead or you are. And if you find an obstacle bust through it. Some one try to stop you break them. And if you can't do it alone, we'll do it together. Fight along side each other and we will succeed. Let's crush Corprate command.💥
  11. So are video games dying out? Is there any hope left? Well personally I'm not sure, I've thought over this long and hard😆 And I hope not, however I am noticing a pretty obvious trend in the gaming community. These triple A games these suppose to be great games of the new Gen have been mediocre at best when they aren't just shit at launch or gouging out there own story for force DLC Content, or screwing us over with the recent "Gamble away Loot create operatives" that EA or Blizzard have been throwing at us. Corprate command fiends.😡 So either way in my general opinion we either need to either get rid of Triple A crap or encourage new innovations more predominantly other wise I for are more of this crud to continue on even when Virtual reality becomes new Gen console it self and for me at least that will be the End of gaming. Thank you.☺
  12. Why thank you my friend but that doesn't solve the situation at hand.
  13. Well I'm mean you wouldn't throw away or move away entirely from ST original MoJo you know. I'm just think that the game would be like if an episode with horror type themes ya know, the isolation of space, strange events extralteristrial or other side with mind Jack moments ya know?
  14. So with No Mans Sky being more like One Mans Lie, when are we getting a new pilot-isk type game. We get one big bad egg in this type of gaming and that's that? Re was time when games like RTS arcade or at home games paved the way to new innovations in control designs, in game physics with real world type physics, and created ways that people could actually use to earn training for actual flight experience. So why during what seems to be a drought of original post game ideas for Xbox and Microsoft can't create a new series of fantastic pilot based games featuring space flight, dog fightiing, planetary exploration or hell just earth exploration in like A bi-plane or the spirit of flight. The possibilities are endless. But will Microsoft do anything expect sit on they're hands when it comes to games like that? No. But why not. Even with bad press from One Mans Lie, people are still obviously interested in a new version of this idea especially within the hands of sort one more competent. If they can keep making new content for GTA online crap when it comes to new levels for planes and cars then at the carry least should make new original games with that type stuff in mind. Recruit Britt out~
  15. I agree. Thanks for proving my point.