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Posts posted by Britt

  1. With new gen consoles bringing in more world enveloping type games with unique and rich landscapes, diverse characters with new and different personality why havn't developers made so non essential character s can say players names in full conversation?

    I mean they made so you can put you're name over the characters name in most open world type games so why can't they take that one step further?

    Why is it every other time when a cinematic rolls on and it seems like the other characters a talking to my character do they never say my name?

    They re addressing my character yet they don't even refer to me by the name I choose?

    Why did they even let me be able to make the name if  none of the CPU's were going to say my name just so only  would know the name of my character?

    Seems like a waste and a break of emerssion to me.

    I mean it's annoying when they are vocally speaking to me then all the sudden get very quite or they go completely silent as my name comes up in the text only.

    I mean I got customize the character and I have it an awesome badass name why not have the characters speak to me like an actual person rather than just some textbox or only speaking to me in till it comes time to say my name.

    Know what am mean?

  2. Ok before you say I'm an idoit, I'm not talking about the game I'm talking about the place.

    What is Kingdome Hearts? How will it give hearts to the Nobodies? And will Sora ever go there?

    I feel I should explain that my PS2 broke before I could finish KH2 and instead of buying a new one I got my first Xbox.

    Maybe  all of my questions could have been answered when I had KH2 maybe not but I still don't know at the end of the day so yeah What the fuck is Kingdom e Hearts.

    Why is it so important?

    Please some one explain?

  3. Sooo to those of you unfamiliar to me, my name is Britt and I'm Angry!

    My throat is unquenched and my heart is shattered.

    I'm depressed and uncureibly optimistic at the same time.

    I hate EA for what they have done to my favorite franchise and I think 3D is a glorified gimic, oh and I think DC is overrated.

    Though I still love Batman and superman.

    I've been a hammer my whole life and I think Angry Joe Funny.

    I'm a DBZ fan but I despise DBS. 

    Spider-Man works and anyone who wants some really cool art work done for them should hit me up in my Deviant Art page.

    Yo Angry Joe and God Bless the Angry Army, that means all of you Glorious Bastards!!


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  4. Solo is it possible if we could all have a monster hunt AJAS  Style huhh? 

    My brothers of the Angry, let us unite in brutal blood shed and slaughter the beasts of Monster Hunter:World. 

    Together we will shake the heart of this untamed land and bring fear to all the hearts of the wild and deadly predators  the mistakenly cross our path.

    Angry Army! Unite and slaughter the land!!!

  5. Is it just my opinion or isn't videogames the greatest story adaptor? 

    I mean books are one thing and movies just feel soo displaced, you never feel like you're a part of the story so you can't actually feel completely invested ya know?

    Videogames To me are just so better at telling a story cause it puts you right in the action, you are cast as the part of the hero of villain depending what game you're playing  so you're completely invested in story and most like to actually follow though cause you want to win.

    So here is my idea to the department of education and the entertainment industry, turn every story, textbook and movie into a videogame with a fully versed and interactive story.

    It's just such a better idea then killing off trees to make more books and even with a crappy story you can always make that game into a awesome multiplayer game.

    Guys... Come on, come oooooonnnnn!!😎




    tenor (1).gif

  6. Sun rise, sunset every night and day.

    I wake and for moment they re to stay.

    Days and weeks melt together it seems.

    In months and years we have for that there ever had been.

    For you and I they say it feels as if there's never enough.

    All they fear is age, to turn too dust.

    Yet I feel no fear for this fate.

    As life comes and goes soo often I know I will have my day.

    What I make of it is my own, to be happy or sad.

    So I say come at me world my heart is filled with glad.

    Barrier s crossed, preddjuce be damned.

    Wisdom takes hold, kindness grand.

    Love is treasured, more lives are saved.

    Were changing the ways we behave.

    As weirdness is embraced and radical steps are made...

    Hope is here for us to remain.

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  7. O graceful skies of blue and hummes of white.

    What does soar faster in though you're might.

    Gravity is beaten by man in red and blue.

    Though on the ground he softly walks humming g a tune.

    The might he manges to show then quickly hide from view.

    Tis he man or God?

    tis human shape just a faccude?

    What wait crushes crushes a man of steele ?

    What is his resolve, what would his personal hel l feel?

    Truly greater than you or I.

    The Superman that flies into high of sky.




  8. I know I'm new and dont know Joe and have no right to tell him to run his show. But I have a suggestion about what he could possibly do for a new episode. How about a top 10 most underrated game list so that all the great games that don't have a triple a just or doesn't get !ugh attention upon release won't be forgotten.

    That plus any game created who made a game that didnt get much attention will know at the vary least his game wasn't forgotten and that will inspire them to keep making awesome games.☺

  9. That would make a great album cover BTW(not my pick it's some else's art work and if album is ever to take off with this on the cover the original artist needs to be notify and receive compensation for his or her work.)

  10. So dose anyone but me think that Joe deserves like a awesome soundtrack in i his name and image?

    I mean how cool would that be, just a super sweet metal cover to do like a original aw inspiring album and anthem to his awsomeness?

    Does anyone on this site or forum do like kick as metal or rock music?angry_joe_by_schuyler_fox_dracul-d49bjc1

  11. You know I m really getting sick of waiting for Kingdom Hearts 3, three years I've been waiting for the third installment of my favorite Anime slash Disney game, I know it's already out in Japan I've seen the game footage zoo i only have one question,..........W T F Square Enix ?


    Why the hell isn't it out yet. What are they with for some one to jerek themselves off in japan?

    Why hasn't Angry Joe say anything about that? 

    Instead of playing the y @#$% ouout of need for speed why hasn't he said anything about that game huh?


    Man if anything taught me to be angry at Square Enix it's that man. 

    SERIOUSLY THOUGH WTF MAN!!!!!!!!!!!?????


  12. Soo it goes like this, I've been watching a lot of Metalocalpyse and i  been think what if you could make a game about brutal Metal music of like this world where it centers around Norse mythology but it's centered around heavy metal and monsters of deep Satanism. It would be based around the gameplay of Fallout slash Brutal Legends combine, you could create your character as you want but lot of the face models or style of the pallets of rendered faces look like Metal or rock legend type artists like Ozzy or Mannowar. The story is that you're character born or possibly created by the legendary gods of rock and metal and the world is a mesh of middle age and future, not necessarily dystopian because everybody and there grandmom dose that. It's just a world where few have moved on from the old ways and still choose to live in spots where the old world exists where others choose to live beyond the world and exist as if they were gods and that's also why the monsters of both greedyness and abberice attack cause to live in that type of worldwide few turned theyre backs on the gods and that's also what you have to do as you're character to not only bring down the monsters but to also bring those who are corrupt into the light or take vengeance of the gods by cutting them to ribbons and casting them into the void.

    You get the usual asorted weapons like swords, axes enchanted or otherwise, bows arrows, guns and riffles, hand cannons, shanks, makes and northstars. Plus magic relics of you can choose to be a magic user or Alchemist.

    But the open you get that has magic or was blessed by the gods is youre magic instruments such as Gore electric guitar s or crumbs or even you're voice if you want.

    It just sounds like an epic game to me so anyone interested please reply to me ok.2c77Wik


  13. So I've been playing this game for almost since its been out and up in know what? It's the most fun videogame I've played in while.

    Finally a worth while single \ co op game on Xbox one since Dark souls or Xcom 2. I mean don't get me wrong at first I had my doubts and I had sort of a difficult learning curve when I first got started, however with that being said as I progressed and learned how to properly upgrade my gear the game began to be a blast to play.

    I love the near dark souls type difficulty, the game is challenging making you feel like you earned that killing blow once that beast you've been trying to kill hours finally fall to blade.

    Making you revil in the kill and flip with rage when you fail.

    The only real issues I can think about when it comes to playing is that sometimes you're not too sure what you're supposed when doing important  quest like tasks, that and the side character s  can be a bit on the boring or bland side and can anoy you at times really breaks the enjoyment. Plus the frame rate can drop periodically and the online co op drops for no particular circumstances. It really pisses you off.

    Yet with all that been said if you haven't played yet I highly recommend you go buy or at the vary least rent this bad boy.

    This game worth a look.

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