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  1. The pleasure is all mine guys, pleased to meet ya both
  2. Hi everyone, I started watching Angry Reviews on youtube and love AJ and other Joe. Now my go-to reviewer 100%, I absolutely love watching the crew do their thing and its great to find a reviewer who tastes are aligned with my own. I appreciate the no-bs reviews and I share the same geek-love for many of his fave franchises. Easily my favorite online group for reals! Not sure where to go from here but I thought I'd at least come on and introduce myself, maybe find some gamer-buddies in the process I play mostly PC games, but also jump on PSN from time to time, Xbox too. I'm all over the place lol. Glad to meet the AJ Community!! Steam: warphoenix2014 PSN: Warphoenixx Xbox Live: Warph0enix Twitch (plan to stream eventually): Warphoenix2017