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  1. Of course it’s my opinion, I mean no offense to the gamers that are enjoying the game, in fact I am happy they are because I want Rare to exceed expectations. For me though, disappointment, and it honestly hurts because I primarily game on my Xbox. PS, because other games lack content, doesn’t mean we should be comfortable with all games lacking, or using that as the bar, developers, specially first party developers should push beyond what most games offer now days. And Rare didn’t push far enough. Black Flag is a better pirate game.
  2. I had been looking forward to this game since it’s original announcement, having it played over the last couple of days I can only say, wow, where is all the content at? Non-existent progression system, dead islands? Boring fetch quests or “voyages”, and worst of all, NO STORY? Really Microsoft? This is the best Triple A console exclusive at least until the release of Crackdown 3, if it even releases this year. The sailing can be fun, if you have a full crew, and even then you have to make it fun, otherwise you’re going to be bored. I’m extremely dissapointed. Don’t spend 60$ on this, if you must pay for a month of the Game Pass, and try it get bored in an hour and play DmC4 from the game pass or something. You’ll have more fun.