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About DeSaul96

  • Birthday 04/22/1996

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    I love gaming! And I love the Angry Joe Show! I love playing all kinds of games but my favourite has to be Halo!
  1. Thanks man, I just got a new 1TB PS4 so I shall be back online on there very soon!
  2. An excellent point! Any ideas on what the next big craze will be and have we seen any of it yet?
  3. I have very high hopes for this game, they have such a great story arch with Kratos I hope they have done it justice once again. I've not been disappointed yet!
  4. Are Battle Royal games here to stay or is this just a phase? This a question I’ve been asking myself a lot recently and I want to know what other people think. The Battle Royal genre has taken the gaming community by storm because of its power to create intense “to the death combat” that has players like myself gripping there controllers as if they were in a real life stand of. But are the lack of game modes and content available due to the core mechanics of this genre damaging their longevity? Personally for me, PUBG is a great game and loads of fun to play but it gets old quickly due to limited maps and no progression system. Fortnite does this somewhat better with its battle pass giving players something to work towards but in the end it’s all cosmetic and doesn’t add anything to the gameplay. However EPIC GAMES have taken strides to add more weapons and abilities into the core which is excellent, I just wonder if it’s just the latest cash cow or whether it’s here to stay. What are your thoughts AJSA?
  5. Hey dude! Welcome, what games are you into? (:
  6. Hey dude! Welcome, hope to game with you at some point. My xbox tag is DeSaul96!
  7. Living in the UK has really put on the back foot with most of the games! They are start at 1am gmt basically haha! I'll try my best and come on earlier if people are online, Reach is probably my favorite Halo game too so I'll try and make it!
  8. I think the future of the game is uncertain at the moment. 343 is trying to put their mark on series by updating the game and bringing into line with more mainstream shooters whilst still trying to keep long time fans happy with a few trickles of nostalgia. In my opinion I think 343 have to focus heavily on making the chief the main character again and making a worthwhile enthralling story to go with it. Multiplayer in Halo 5 is really fun, I found that there was a higher learning curve but once I had adjusted my play style then I was off like a rocket and racking up scores how I used to in Halo 3! Great post! Lots of food for thought here as we follow 343 into their next release to what could be the making or breaking for Halo.
  9. Personally for me, the game is designed with friends gaming together in mind. The game does lack a lot of content overall and basically has you make your own fun. I think they had hyped it far too much but then again it's a first party exclusive so they obviously had to in order to make more sales. Sea of Thieves will probably be worth picking up later on this year when they undoubtably release an edition with all the extra content. I really hope this title won't be plagued by micro transactions but hopes are slim as per usual these days. I've played a fair bit of it and have enjoyed it but the games longevity is at risk already so Rare and Microsoft need to step up to the plate pretty sharpish.
  10. April sounds look a great month! Keep up all the hard work (:
  11. networking

    Hey guys! Feel free to add me on XBL, I'm always looking to game with people and never really mind what game it is as long as i have it lol! My XBL name is DeSaul96! I'm from the UK so really playing at GMT but have been known to get up early/stay up late for social gaming events! Hope you all have a great day! MAC096...
  12. Thanks for the warm welcome! - Wake me when you need me. - MAC096... CRYO ENGAGED. - IN AMBER CLAD (HALF THAT'S TOTALLY FLOATING AROUND SPACE)
  13. Thanks for the welcome, I've followed and added you on XBL! I've also joined the club on XBL so hopefully I'll be gaming with you in no time!
  14. Ah that's great to know! I look forward to playing some games with you!
  15. until

    Looking forward to this! Halo reach has to be one of the best Halo games in my opinion, can't wait! - MAC096