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About Viking_God_36

  • Birthday 03/12/1982

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    Iced Coffee

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    victor harbor south australia
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    Tattoos, PS4, God Of War Ps4, pop vinyls, nerdy stuff, angry joe reviews of course!! art and drawing. modding.
  1. PSN ID: dark_souls_1982 I'm on the PlayStation 4** I'm currently playing BLOODBORNE, THE LAST OF US LIFE IS STRANGE 1 & 2. TOMB RAIDER REBOOT SERIES, FINAL FANTASY 15, OUTLAST 2, BATMAN ARKHAM KNIGHT. The game I am dying to play as many many of us are....................................... hmm, can ya guess? yeaaapp. GOD OF WAR! pre - ordered, pre - loaded!! and ready to rock it tomorrow night!! I believe it'll be 10:30pm Thursday, its cool being in Australia I'll make twitch uploads too for god of war, but too broke for the Prime* area right now, I don't even have one of those gaming chairs, green screens or a headset, My laptop is a Lenovo y700 ideapad. core i7* pretty decent, but mostly on the ps4 now.
  2. Hello everyone! I've been a long time Angry Joe Show supporter and viewer, but finally added myself to the Army here What to add, I'm a gamer, usually PC / PS4. I'm 36, and live in Adelaide, "Australia". Some of the things I'm known for would be my beard, tattoos, and gaming / Modding over the years. My go to game Library currently: . BLOODBORNE . DARK SOULS . GOD OF WAR [ HURRY UP APRIL 20TH!!!} . LIFE IS STRANGE . ASSASSINS CREED . MORTAL KOMBAT XL . FINAL FANTASY 15. getting right into the Vikings style after watching "Vikings" and playing tons of hours on Skyrim, I'm even getting into the beard beads, currently waiting for my viking armband to arrive with the two wolf heads. CANNOT wait for the brand new God Of War game on ps4.... OMG! Omg! already pre-ordered and I'm gonna nerd out hard soon, already setup my twitch account today to begin streaming some ps4 content, but it's barren right now I have to figure out the websites ways.. Only 4 days until #GodOfWar My twitch is HERE: Twitch.tv/sir_clint My YouTube HERE: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCyYxTuF-G3n8v_wb0WEcyFQ Or Twitter HERE: @Clintchapman36 "if" like me you cant wait for god of war ps4** and want to see a little bit of footage from my youtube, if you can see my subscriptions check out this dude > "mm d".. enough said. Oh and how could I forget.. My favourite band is: COHEED AND CAMBRIA hells yea!!! take care all.