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  1. So, had a recent discussion that Battle Royale games are misleading with the "100 Player" battles. Some games only actually have a dozen or so actual players at any given time. While using a replay feature in Fortnite, i have noticed that you can only watch players in your "zone" which only ever includes up to 12 players, but the distance of the zone is well above what you would think has more then that. And of course the bot problem. In fortnite you can only build in the cardinal directions ie N S E W. Which leads me to believe it was designed for AI to be able to react with less strain on the program. If you could build in any direction the calculations would be 10 fold for an AI to out wit you with building defense. Of course on a side note, other battle royal games dont feature this mechanic, simply shooting and looting is much easier to bot up. Just throwing this out there. 100 people in one map with almost no lag for these games makes almost no sense on this era of gaming. Few games can achieve that level of quality, yet games like pubg run horrible and are not optimized at all. But still has a 100 players running around in what feels like a falloit bethesda engine. Any thoughts?
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    What is up? New here. Gamertag: CaptaLn_n_Coke Games: Everything.