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  • Birthday 07/28/1985

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    Great Britain
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    Gaaaamiiiiing! Console gamer right now, looking to get a PC as need Total War back in my life.
  1. Private mytea reporting for duty! I hail from a far land my brothers and sisters, I hope you will accept me into your ranks! I will bleed for you all!!! Been a long time viewer of the streams the AJS team put out and the community drive I have seen with the kickstarter project made me look up the army and join you!! PS4 only right now but want to get a PC...any suggestions? It would be better and cheaper to build the damn thing I know!! Big RTS fan so need it in my life as PC is where its at for them. Have submitted my psn id and look forward to storming the enemy....together!!!!!
  2. PSN ID: myteafollower Currently play: Witcher 3 (finally and 100 hours in), Darksiders 2, Monster Hunter World, Rogue Galaxy, Dragonball FighterZ, Mass Effect Andromeda (such a crawl), Elite Dangerous and Disc Jam....iss my JAAAAM! Looking forward to: umm...getting a PC again!! I used to love the old Total War games and want to get back there but have no space for a PC right now....one day! On PS4 I am looking forward to Red Dead Redemption 2, Darksiders 3 & Soul Calibur VI most right now!