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  1. With no thoughts yet posted, I will be optimistic and give myself a chance to expand on one of the ideas a bit; Campaign mode. Also, I am so extremely hyped because not long after I posted this, the alternate Ryu, Ken, and Cammy versions were put up on the kickstarter. It is very possible that these were planned beforehand and had little to nothing to do with my post, however the Cammy being the latest after I had mentioned her specifically, I will call that coincidence very extraordinary and gives me a little hope that this might have attracted a little attention. (Also, I would like to submit the idea again since a stretch goal past Cammy has not yet been made for Poison to be added, but that is not the point of this post, merely a wish) A campaign mode would be very easy to implement. You would start off with lower HP than normal and a small battle deck, choosing your favorite fighter. The first thing to realize is that it would not be 100% on the game board. Some of it would be situations that you resolve without combat or use to initiate combat that would set up the world that is currently surrounding your characters. Potentially, this would have you with up to 6 (or more) player characters and one Campaign Master, however or even as few as just the Campaign Master and one player character, depending on how you want to approach it. Players would be able to choose and engage and react to the scenario that is created by the Campaign Master. Damage could possibly be dealt and if an attack would be made during this time, the player could either choose an appropriate attack to start with if they have enough time to be prepared or they could shuffle their fight deck and reveal the top 1 or more cards to show their attack used. On top of this, the enemies fought would be controlled by the Campaign Master and would start off as grunts or as whatever the Campaign Master feels is what they would like to use, lower health and smaller fight decks to start as well most likely. However such a campaign would be very free from, much like DnD and Pathfinder, like I have previously mentioned, and as such players and Campaign Master would shape the campaign together and would not be the same every time, even in a premade campaign. These are all abstract concepts, and I am about to add a few more, all of which would need help to sharpen and refine. Feats are something that could be added as well, and these could be what allow you to multiclass. Once you progress so far, or at the Campaign Masters discretion, you could be able to choose from a number of feats, possibly including but not limited to adding another character to the pool of cards possible to be in your deck (multiclassing), gain additional hit points per level, gain an ability that you may use X times per day/period of time that gives you temporary hit points, gain the ability to reroll fails a number of times per day, gain the ability to add +1 damage to every successful hit for a number of rounds, gain the ability to combo inside of another players combo, gain the ability to take -1 damage for every successful hit for a number of rounds, gain the ability to start the fight with +1 card in hand, and many more. These would be tiered and would be able to be selected at different levels and would not all be available at once. In addition, some may require others to be taken first. And the last topic I would like to address before making yet another essay to wade through is on leveling. When leveling, a character would gain a number of HP, to be determined by your character and rolling dice. A fighter such as Zangief would have more health under normal circumstances than Cammy, and it would be no different during the leveling giving them different amounts of HP, but by adding a die roll to see if you get the maximum possible for that level, maybe +3-4, or if you get on the low end, maybe +1-2, you add variation and a more personal touch to the character. And that is one of the main things to take under consideration within this Campaign mode, you are making your personal fighter the way you envision them to be. Maybe when you are leveling you pick up more baits than you would normally have because you want to be able to dance around your opponents, or maybe you want to add cards from that other characters deck that you took a feat to be able to do because you think it will help shore up your weaknesses. These are very rough ideas, but with some tweaking and refining, it could be great. Does anyone have any thoughts on these?
  2. So first, before I post, slight disclaimer. I will say there is another post concerning this game in the forums. However, as much as I love necromancers in games, I am not one myself and will not necro/bump a dead thread. Next, on to the game. As many fighters as there are, with as many game modes as there are, even more is possible. The potential of this game is extremely high, and this much is only scratching the surface. This is not to be confused with saying that it does not look like it is trying to reach that potential, by all means Street Fighter: The Miniature Game is shaping up to as full a potential as it could have in the amount of time it has had so far. I am making this for three reasons. I will admit that the first of these, as being a fan of the franchise, I want this game to be the most it possibly can be for my own personal enjoyment. Beyond that, I also want to spread a few ideas with others and get opinions on it to make these ideas more refined. And finally, I would like to bring this to attention to anyone that could have any influence in the process to have these ideas and at least one stick with them to make it through. First, the easiest and most likely first thing to come to everyone when they think of potential for this game is more fighters. There are many more fighters within the Street Fighter universe that could be brought in. I know that two of my favorite characters, Cammy and Juri, are both in here, but Poison is not yet. And there are many other characters that could be, however that is not the only possibility for characters. Limited edition versions with alternate costumes or alternate ego/versions could also be added at some point. This following with most likely never happen due to many factors, but think how amazing it would be to play as Cammy against 5 other Cammy players with all different costumes. There are plenty of possibilities within characters to extend the life of this game past launch, but there is more than just that. The next idea to follow up on is game modes. The first thing I thought of when I first saw the miniature game in action was a Dungeons and Dragons style campaign with this game, and it had me even more hyped if that was even possible. Okay, actually the first thoughts might have been something along the lines of OMG OMG OMG OMG CAMMY PLS JURI PLS POISON PLS C VIPER PLS YES YES YES YESSSS!!!!! But because that could potentially detract from what I am saying, I think we can just pretend that the next few thoughts were the original thoughts and move on. If you have never played a tabletop rpg such as DnD or Pathfinder, you are missing out on a lot, and DnD is what most of all games are derivatives of, though some are more obvious than others. Everyone who has played them easily falls in love not just because of the fights, but the things you can do outside of the engagements as well. They are so much more than just fighting, and this game can easily be more too. This game most definitely has the fighting mechanics down to a tee from what has been shown so far, and a campaign to create is easy enough. Most DnD games are homebrew (dungeon/game master makes their own campaign) and it would be the same here. Add one or two campaigns, with players free to choose their favorite fighters, and the "leveling up" or "acquiring new skills/spells/abilities" would turn it into a deck building game of sorts. As a level one, you would not have access to most of your cards and would most likely meet a bunch of peons to fight instead of other fighters, but as you grow in experience and meet new people and go on adventures you attain more power and more cards, taking on more dangerous opponents. On top of this, what if you could multiclass on your adventure by gaining cards from another fighters pool of cards or another option to be discussed later? And just like DnD, the styles may not fit quite right, so there could be penalties for doing so. But the benefit could outweigh that, the only way to know is to play it your way and find out. I have other ideas on modes, however I do not want to make this more than the essay it already will be by the time I am finished and will leave it at that for now. The last idea I would like to share is about the cards. I have a love for card games and have played very many of them. For a time, I was a competitive card game player, although lately I have been too consumed by other things to continue it. However, the game mechanics appear to be a very solid base to jump from. The system that this card game presents of fighting has such a possibility for expansions on the characters that in and of itself is exciting. I cannot express the hype I have for it, however I cannot also express exactly what directions it could go because I am not privy to that information I would need, i.e. the entirety of the sets that will be out. But I can guarantee that the possiblities are extremely high. What if some of those cards could be added in a deck building mode or adventure mode like above? And if they came with an alternate version of the character? I have more ideas, but this is already a large post and I do not want to put much more down in one post. Does anyone have any thoughts about these?