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  1. Battlefield, yes I am bringing this up. I hate CoD but how can we say that Battlefield is not overrated? Battlefield has the same gameplay experience, it's the same thing. Of course, it's improved from battlefield 3 which was GODFULLY awful. Basically I liked the idea of huge buildings etc. But knowing that it's just a fake script which happens in a time. And also the magical teleporting elevator. I can't say that BF is better than CoD or otherwize since they are both awful. People love BF because of its graphics, and that is pissing me off since it's about the gameplay. And that is what I don't like about BF (I would have said more but don't have time for that). EA as their publisher is also a huge mistake since they first did it. Battlefield: Bad Company 2 was the greatest BF (in my opinion), after that they just popped in with bad games just as CoD: 4
  2. I heard rumors about Treyarch/Activision buying Black Ops 3 and 4 titles. Not sure if it's true, but if you think about Call of Duty, it is most certainly true.
  3. (SPOILERS) Call of Duty: Ghosts 2 are already planned. Since the ending of Ghosts showed it.
  4. Guess you had a point there, but I did expect The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct to be great as it is licensed. But that game showed me that I shall never trust licensed games, EVER. I should've clarified about what I really meant on this thread, I meant to ask what is your opinion on this years gaming. Editing that now.
  5. Hello Angry Army! I made a video about two months ago which I really wanted feedback on. I already got a feedback from a other guy, but I wanted to hear more. Here is the video: WARNING, TURN DOWN YOUR VOLUME BEFORE PLAYING THE VIDEO Something on Vegas made the volume get higher than usual, so sorry for that.
  6. That's a matter of opinion, of course many great things have happened. Technology has been improved and seems to be evolving. But first of all, look at Fast & Furious, The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct, Call of Duty: Ghosts (Performance, content etc.) and a lot more games that has been released this year. I am looking back at 2012, there weren't so many bad games there, not in 2011 either.
  7. The last few games you mentioned is of course pretty good. But it feels like, that amount of games that has been rushed has increased more than before. Well said, but I were talking about how many games that actually has been rushed this years. It feels odd.
  8. So kjekt å sjå nokon som e norsk her Thank you
  9. Now, starting soft and easy, I have noticed that this year must have been one of the worst (in my opinion) years for gaming. I will show you some of the games which was a total disaster: - Fast & Furious: Showdown - Ride to hell: Retribution - Day One: Garry's Incident I have felt like that developers has stopped ENTIRELY about caring to polish or fix their games. People have been focusing to rush games to earn money, such a disappointment for the game industries. What is your opinion about this year of gaming? Was it a game you were completely excited about and got really disappointed on?
  10. He is not trying to start a flame war, he is making a discussion about what just happened. And I believe that this is true since why would Xbox remove the gameplay video AFTER they found out? Explain that.
  11. I have already noticed a lot of introductions being lost so it may be pointless making this but for the people already reading this: My name is Aadne (Ådne generally) and I am from as you can see Norway. I am (for the most part) playing on PC and have interests in arcade games like Battlefield, Call of Duty (which I am godfully sick of), and also classic games. When a game has a story I try to show a lot of interest on it to see how they really have done it. Well that's all about me you guys can know, not if it's anything important but...
  12. Basically the first game I have ever played is actually Banjo & Kazooie on the Nintendo 64. Surprising even for me.