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    Horror movies, movies in general, producing music, electronic music, Synthwave, Dark Wave, horror scores, horror games,
  1. I tried to contact the person about the house thing. I'll just consider it a rumor. Even still we haven't gotten an update for anything about the game since long before December. Except the owner asking us to buy into his 4th equity Crowdfunding campaign. Just got this today. Not an update on any of the games. Just a sad panda copy pasta he posted in all of them. Here it is. http://imgur.com/rQ9e24V I have a feeling we won't be seeing either game and I also feel the game has never been made. I asked in the ED2 update if they ever made it. I'm sure he won't say. Joe I hope you do a video on this.
  2. Just thought to reach out to anyone who may have purchased one of these 2 board games. I know Joe was a big supporter of the Terminator one and a lot of the people who backed these. As some of you may or may not know there has been a little controversy surrounding these projects by Space Goat Productions and I am a little concerned. I know Joe had mentioned that he would put up a video if he didn't hear a response back and a lot of the guys on the ED2 board game who backed it really need someone in our corner for some answers. There is a lot of discussion (or rather rumor) on this matter and how the owner recently was caught buying a house when the kickstarters updates went silent. Which is extremely upsetting. If anyone talks to Joe or if you see this. I have a few connects on screenshots I can get. Just thought to reach out to you guys. I'm new here and I hope this is an OK topic to reach out. Feel free to write me personally if you need.
  3. Hey guys, I am a big horror fan and I love games. I do a lot of creative stuff. Like run a podcast, produce music, photoshop, video editing, sing, stream and you name it. Just stopping by to say hello. Been watching forever and wanted to join up.