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  1. Lets bring Everyone! Snake is back! Wolf is back! Female Pokemon Trainer! Dasiy Confirmed! Ridley Confirmed! ..... I need to go sit down.
  2. Well .... Atleast its not the first game for the seven billionth time.
  3. While I'm happy to see old Foxy boy back I so wish it was in a better looking game that didn't have stupid toy planes tacked on to it.
  4. Glad they kept it to almost nothing but games but overall I didn't really see anything that was a must buy, Forza came the closest with its dynamic seasons but I'm not that big on racers, Jump Force was a surprise annoucment and as an Anime fan I'll be keeping a tab on that one. Overall I felt like this was more focus on the Xbox current fans rather then trying to get new ones while at the same time setting up the Next Gen Xbox.
  5. You lost me at Command And Conquer Rivals. Command And Conquer was one of the only RTS I ever got really in too and this just felt like a right kick to the gut. That and .... Am I the only one who thinks Anthem looks really dull? I mean Graphical it looks fine but the gameplay just seems like a bore with a Micheal Bay level of explosions on screen.
  6. Personally I'm more looking forward to the remaster of the Legends of Spyro, I know I'm probably in the minority but I prefered those games over the originals even if the last one was a blantent ripoff of Lord of the Rings (I mean, They did have Frodo as Spyro for all of it) But hey, I'll probably still pick this up at some point, Games need more playable dragons.
  7. Gawd I'm terrible at Introductions, So I'm just gonna keep this short. Been a gamer for most of my life but haven't really gotten deep into the community side of things until recently. At the moment I'm mainly playing on PS4 and Switch but looking to possibly branch into PC gaming soon. So yeah, Hello and hope to see you guys around.