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  1. Hi, congrats on joining the club. I'm assuming you haven't played any of the newer games out, so I'll list some of my favourites that have come out in the last 5 years. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt - This game has become my favourite game of all time. The exploration is rewarding. The story-telling is perfection. And the world is alive. While the combat and inventory management can throw some people off, this game is the definition of 'Pouring heart and soul' into something. The developers put everything they had into this game, and it is capable of sucking you in for 300+ hours. Wolfenstein: The New Order - A brilliant first person shooter that combines over-the-top kill-em-all action with a surprisingly good story. The writing is good, and the voice acting is even better. Destiny 1 - From what I have been reading on the Destiny sub, the Destiny 1 servers are still populated and people are more than willing to help new-comers with strikes, raids, and PvP. Destiny 2 is not up-to-par with the original, and you would get way more bang for your buck purchasing the first game over the second. Hopefully you find something on this list interesting. Happy gaming! https://flipboard.com/@maxgoodz/top-20-best-electric-pencil-sharpener-review-2019-gt528ckoy
  2. Ah, love a good soundtrack with good speakers. Especially piano or violin versions of game songs. FF7 is always a good choice, as are both Chrono games (like a lot of other qualities about it, the music in Chrono Cross is way underrated). Chrono Trigger is probably my overall favorite though.
  3. Hello all Rave Blitz here! I'm new to the Community and I hope to make some awesome friends here! Cheers