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  1. ProfessorGodLike liked a post in a topic by Legolas_Katarn in Stellaris - anyone else super excited?   
    There are also streams of the team playing the game (which they have also done for Hearts of Iron 4)
    I'll probably be getting it. It's only $32 on Greenmangaming. The game even has three different ways for your species to handle space travel. Wonder if it will be getting frequent expansions and free additions like Crusader Kings 2 and Europa Universalis 4.
  2. ProfessorGodLike liked a post in a topic by Ixnatifual in Stellaris - anyone else super excited?   
    Really looking forward to hopefully spending lots of time with this 4X/grand strategy space game. It's similar to Master of Orion, but seems like it will have considerably more depth to it. You may have seen Joe's preview. If not, it's below.
  3. ProfessorGodLike liked a post in a topic by Kaz32 in Awesome obscure game music & hidden well known game music thread.   
    Time to carry over this thread from the previous forum!
    I just had a thought, we all know catchy and memorable video game musics over the years, like the Guile theme, the MGS theme, Final Fantasy Sephiroth's theme, you know, the classics that most gamers seems to know. But what about the obscure ones that's so awesome that it must be heard but unfortunately aren't because they're not that well known? That's why this thread is for those songs, to spread the awesomeness to the world that's been surrounded by terrible Boy Bands, Justin Bieber and Glee songs. And of course to see how many of you like a game for it's soundtrack as well as it's gameplay, as well as show you guys these obscure games as well. Just to remind you, this is for not so popular game only, so Street Fighter, Final Fantasy, Tekken, Guilty Gear and Mass Effect are all out.

    I'll start. Got a whole lot to uncover here. If you can, name the game and just post the song link bellow the game's name.

    Chain Dive
    The second version of this song, which is more complete

    If you want to download these songs without needing to buy them through itunes, you can do it by copying the links of the song, and go to this website.


    After that, just paste the link, download the song and its all yours. Have fun!
  4. ProfessorGodLike liked a post in a topic by Arreyanne in New AJSA invite/promotion thread (PC - NA server)   
    Cant help ya out there play PC Sorry Evolve
  5. ProfessorGodLike liked a post in a topic by brumak280396 in Welcome to the Official AJSA TF2 Group!   
    The official AJSA TF2 group is live! Join our group and server today!
    Official Server IP number:

    Thank you for joining our forums! Here in this topic I've provided all the info you could possibly need to get started, including rules, links to custom maps, and some extras like avatars and wallpapers!
    Rules of Conduct and helpful links:
    http://angryjoeshow.com/ajsa/topic/17531-mercenarys-rules-of-conduct-read-first/ Server rules and policies. Please read this first! http://teamfortress.com/ http://steamcommunity.com/groups/AJSAGaming/ http://youtube.com/angryjoeshow http://www.reddit.com/r/angryjoeshow (more links to be added should they be brought up) Game Officers and Moderators:
    Phill (TF2 leader/officer, comic artist, main site admin/mod, TF2 steam guild admin) Doctor Evil (Commander, event planner, steam group admin, TF2 steam guild moderator) xLoad3D (CS:GO leader/officer, clanforge tech guy, TF2 steam guild moderator) Nanaki (TF2 sergeant, TF2 steam guild moderator) Angry Joe (The Leader, and Angry Joe) Sgt. Ross (Second in command, event planner, forum admin, main site admin/mod, TF2 steam guild moderator, AJSA steam group moderator) Tons0fun (Second in command, event planner, forum admin, main site admin/mod, AJSA steam group moderator) Apex Spartan (forum moderator) Tournaments, Events, and how to join:
    Every Saturday and Sunday will be the group meet up and play dates! So relax and have fun! Simply add this IP address to your favorites by clicking the "Add a Server" button and pasting this address into the bar provided: and join in at any time! More info on tournament try-outs to be coming July! We will have events with prizes included! This is including raffles for special items, or events to win prizes. (More info to come soon.) Avatars, Wallpapers, Sprays, ETC...:
    https://www.dropbox.com/s/fg0t99vpak4dlw7/ajsatf2spray.zip   Official AJSA TF2 guild spray! Advertise on other servers with it! Created by DarkReignChaos http://i.imgur.com/Qvhax0u.jpg Official AJSA TF2 wallpaper! Created by Xload3D http://imgur.com/T9s9XG5 http://www.teamfortress.com/artwork.php TF2 official artwork, and do it yourself kit! http://wiki.teamfortress.com/wiki/Avatars Official TF2 avatars! http://steamcommunity.com/games/TF2/CommunityAvatars/browse?pp=64 Community made TF2 avatars! Special thanks to:
    Brumak for starting this topic for me (Phill) and making a temp avatar/spray for the TF2 steam guild. DarkChaosReign for the final avatar and more sprays! xLoad3d for his knowledge of the source engine and taking the time to prep the server and continue to help with it. Doctor Evil for helping to schedule events. Angry Joe for being the badass he is! Videos and tutorials:
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OD1h0HkgoTU Community update vid for June! (more vids to be uploaded upon request) Custom maps:
    http://forums.tf2maps.net/showthread.php?t=19780 King of the Hill Rail-bridge https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/3492731/Ashville/koth_coalplant_b7.bsp King of the Hill Coal Plant https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/3845726/mapdownload/pl_borneo_rc3.zip Payload Borneo https://www.dropbox.com/s/061c3exzq7dz9wf/pl_barnblitz_pro_rc2.bsp Payload Barn-blitz Pro https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/5181650/koth_pro_viaduct_rc4.bsp King of the Hill Pro Viaduct http://forums.tf2maps.net/showthread.php?t=19603 King of the Hill Arctic http://forums.tf2maps.net/showthread.php?t=16755 Control Point Croissant http://forums.tf2maps.net/showthread.php?t=13855 Payload Boundary http://forums.tf2maps.net/showthread.php?t=19560 King of the Hill Flake http://forums.tf2maps.net/showthread.php?t=18868 Payload Moonlit. King of the Hill Moonshine (must download in game) Payload Swift-water (must download in game) More maps will be added upon request and general consensus of the community, maps still in beta or untested will not be accepted. Currently looking for more pro maps! System Requirements:
    Minimum:  1.7 GHz Processor, 512mb RAM, DirectX 8.1 graphics card (Requires support for SSE), Windows 7 (32/64-bit)/vista/XP, Mouse, Keyboard, Internet Connection. Recommended: Pentium 4 Processor (3.0GHz, or better), 1GB RAM, DirectX 9 Level Graphics Card, Windows 7 (32/64-bit)/Vista/XP, Mouse, Keyboard, Internet Connection.
  6. ProfessorGodLike liked a post in a topic by Johnny_Anonymously in Kingdom Hearts   
    To offer a rebuttal in order:
    1) The time consumption can be seriously cut down if Joe were to stream the games and get the community helping him along the way.
    2) All the 'side' content that's actually all part of the main story is easier to access than ever with 1.5+2.5 HD Re:Mix on PS4.
    3) The game is called 'Kingdom HEARTS' so what the hell did you expect? Don't take it so literal; hearts are basically a proxy for souls in this series. Not to mention, you spend the whole game running around with Donald Duck and Goofy. That should tip you off that they're obviously going for a kid-friendly image.
  7. ProfessorGodLike liked a post in a topic by Kaz32 in Happy New Year from Samoa!   
    It's new year already in the island of Samoa Apia. Still 9:30 pm here in Australia but Happy new year nonetheless!
    2016 is over. We got No Man's Piece of Dogshit, games that has the balls to just finish their games on a cliffhanger or a horrible ending, looking at you Mirror's Edge, Dying Light Following and Mankind Divided, 
    but we also got Uncharted 4, DOOM, Overwatch, Furi, Watch Dogs 2 and Final Fantasy XV among other good games too. 
    Let us wish the best for 2017, starting with Kingdom Hearts 2.8, Gravity Rush 2, Yakuza 0 and Resident Evil 7. Oh and Danganronpa V3 if you're in japan. Can't wait for these games!!
  8. ProfessorGodLike liked a post in a topic by RuneX in Angry Hunters Squad Info (Monster Hunter World - Xbox One)   
    @ProfessorGodLike For PlayStation 4, reach out to the PS4 Commander WithAStick.
    I'm sure he will get you in touch with the folks who run the PS4 Monster Hunter Guild.
    Sending him a message on PSN, the forums, or even Discord will help you get started
  9. ProfessorGodLike liked a post in a topic by SickShock6 in Angry Hunters Squad Info (Monster Hunter World - Xbox One)   
    Calling all Hunters!
    Sickshock here, your good ol' local monster hunter, putting out this Public Service Announcement to all our lovely Xbox members of the AJSA Community. If you play Monster Hunter World and are looking to group up and play with your fellow friends from the community, we have a Squad set up for you!
    We are the 'Angry Hunters', a group dedicated to helping out our fellow hunters with leveling up, progressing through story mode, hunting big game, and helping out with hunting for needed armor pieces. We will accommodate for anyone interested in joining. There are no requirements to be apart of the Squad.
    We've been around since the game's launch but since we've had so much interest, activity, and questions from members, we decided to make this post on the forums to get everyone in the loop and new folks set up.
    If you're interested in joining please respond to this thread or message me on XBL (SICKSHOCK6) and I will get in touch with you to get you all set up. I ask as well to please provide below what time zone you reside in so we can sync up easier.
    I'll also post to this thread and update you all whenever we have any events or game nights scheduled.
    Thank you and Happy Hunting!!!
  10. ProfessorGodLike liked a post in a topic by Kaz32 in Delrith's Lords of the Fallen written review!   
    Nice review Del! Straightforward and easy to follow. From what I see this game's basically a singleplayer Dark Souls but with more weapon customization, and skill trees that would have been awesome if you can use 3 of them at once instead of restricted in 1 playthrough. Now I'm interested in buying the game later when it's cheap!
    One question, did you experience any bugs or glitches during the game? I saw a playthrough of someone playing this game on PS4 and the guy has encountered 7 hilarious game breaking bugs and glitches.
  11. ProfessorGodLike liked a post in a topic by Nexle in Work Begins On Destiny 2   
    I bet porting avatars from destiny 1 would be sold as DLC...
  12. ProfessorGodLike liked a post in a topic by Blurmania53 in Halo News and Updates   
    PUBG in Halo 5 
  13. ProfessorGodLike liked a post in a topic by Johnny_Anonymously in Kingdom Hearts   
    So, this guy is sending the PS4 ports of Kingdom Hearts to Joe. Hopefully we can let him know so he knows to watch his P.O. box.
  14. ProfessorGodLike liked a post in a topic by BatmanFan14 in Playing with other members of the community.   
    Hey guys, I have a curious question since I've first came to the AngryArmy. My curious question is, do we play with other members on Xbox One, PS4, and PC like a crossplay of some sorts? Cause I got Injustice Gods Among Us on Steam during their weekday sales event, and I want to play the game's multiplayer with some people. But that's just my curious question that I have to get out of my head and stuff...
  15. ProfessorGodLike liked a post in a topic by Cyborg-Rox in How I lost my social life to gaming   
    I'm sure a lot of people can relate to this, to various extents. Here I'm going to share the story of my gaming life. If anyone else also have something to share, please post it here, and I'll gladly read through your stories as well!

    I grew up as a kid doing what pretty much everyone else was doing in the early 2000s. Hung out with friends, all of which I knew from my class, some even from other classes. We visited each other, played (real life) games, hide n seek, and a bunch of other stuff I can't name in English. I like to think I was pretty much a normal kid. Now, I have a big brother, 5 years older than me, huge respect for him and all. So he's got his own computer, and sometimes he'd let me play some games on it. GTA 2, Driver, Worms 2, NFS Hot Pursuit, all that good classic stuff, but I didn't get to play that often.
    So since our parents were divorced and we were living with our mom, we had to move around a lot since she was struggling with income. But funnily enough, we always stayed in the same exact street in town... until around my 4th grade. Then we were moving outside of town, to a farmhouse, with no friends anywhere close to walking distance. At this time, my brother also got himself a better PC. Now we didn't have any of that fancy schmancy interwebs stuff yet, but me and my brother managed to hook up both computers with local play, so we could play together, him on his new PC, me on his old one. Great fun.
    After a while, I started getting really into this. We'd play games like Battlefield 1942, Command & Conquer: Generals, Counter Strike 1.6, Operation Flashpoint. I'd still play outside a bit, with my little sister. Even made a fun little turret nest out of an old treehouse right outside the house there, but more often than not, I'd be playing LAN with my brother.
    When I started in 5th grade, we moved yet again, back to town, though a different part of town I still didn't know anyone around. At this point I was pretty hooked on my brother's old PC. He had the entire basement room to himself now (and yeah, that's just as stereotypical as it sounds), so I could just come in and use that PC whenever I wanted. At this place, my brother would have his friends over pretty often, and I'd often get to play with them as well. At one point, my brother finally managed to set us up with the wonders of the INTERNET... but only on his computer, which I rarely got to use.
    But oooooooohohohoho boyyy... The very first time I got to try it out, to play a game (Live For Speed) online... I got so insanely hooked! It was incredibly fun, interacting with a full server with complete strangers. I loved it, loved it way too much for my own good. But here's the real thing that nailed the coffin of my social life. Next year, we moved. Far away. From everyone. I knew. Even my brother, who stayed behind in his own place for high school.
    This was tough for me. I ended up with social anxiety. The first few weeks I spent all the recesses hiding away behind some school structures and trees, peeling the skin off of tree branches (yes, really). Even months later, all I did was stand alone somewhere. It took a long time to get comfortable in my class. Maybe even years. When I started 8th grade though, there was someone new in class (or well, returning, from before I started). He was really into PC gaming, and we quickly became friends. He lived close to me as well, so I would often visit him, bringing my mom's laptop, and we'd play games together in his room. Games like Roblox, Minecraft, Spiral Knights, and Team Fortress 2. He also had an online friend we voice chatted with.
    So... after living 3-4 years in this place, we moved yet again, back to the same area we were from, though not the same town. This was when I started my 10th grade. Once again I had no friends, no one I knew anywhere close to me. But this time... distance wasn't a problem. At this place I got my very own computer rig, and I got to play with my friend online all the time! Only problem was, it was the only thing I ever did. All the time. I never got to know anyone in my class well enough to want to visit them. And after one year, that was that, because then I started *ghasp* HIGH SCHOOOOooooo.....l. So yeah, once again a giant repeat, new class, no friends... Well, I made 2 friends, but we didn't hang out in our free time, and in my second year, they both took a different class at a different school so... yaaaayyy... no friends...
    Few years pass, we move again, I graduate, I get a job, I move out, buy an apartment, and now I'm sitting here. 
    21 years old, almost a year since I moved. I never go out to do anything, besides buying food, and the occasional family visit. I just stay in my apartment, watching Youtube or Netflix, and gaming with my online group. This is... where I'm at. 
    So yeah... I'm not very good at ending stories. Take from this what you will. Maybe it'll help someone, somehow...
    Don't forget to share your stories as well. Let's band together, in lonely unity!
  16. ProfessorGodLike liked a post in a topic by Kaz32 in Kingdom Hearts 3 new trailer. Well, this is a trip back memory lane.   
    Oh. My. God........... Tiger Electronic games.
    Good thing AVGN isn't involved with Channel Godawful, or else I wouldn't show this vid anymore.  
    I remember these overhyped plastic "portable consoles". I even have a game watch at one point. 
    I have a question: WHY IS SORA HAPPY PLAYING IT?? That's bullshit man! These things are only fun for 10 minutes, and then they got stale really quick! He should be throwing that console up in the air, and then air juggle it with his keyblade!  
  17. ProfessorGodLike liked a post in a topic by PlasticFrogCG in RAGE 2 is official. Remember the first game?   
    The only thing I didn't like about the first game was the bland story and it was REALLY short, other than that it really had potential and I'm happy to see that it looks like Bethesda has done just that!
    Bethesda has been doing top-notch with their FPS games. Both DOOM and the Wolfenstein games have been fantastic so far.
  18. ProfessorGodLike liked a post in a topic by Legolas_Katarn in Anyone want to join a AJSA clash of clans Clan?   
    Locked at the request of Riverside. If anyone has any interest in joining him please send him a PM.
  19. ProfessorGodLike liked a post in a topic by Riverside75 in Anyone want to join a AJSA clash of clans Clan?   
    If anyone wants to join please leave a comment so i can get people in. If i do get enough players to join it might become unofficial/official. I would first have to put how many have joined and the pros and cons of the game and how it supports guilds aka our clan.
  20. ProfessorGodLike liked a post in a topic by Kaz32 in E3 2018 EA press conference thread.   
    Since there's no E3 thread this year, yet, I'll start this E3 discussion first with, quite frankly, a bland press conference by EA.
    There's just almost nothing that sparks my interest here. Except Unravel 2 which I like because the first game has Braid esque wonderful soundtrack with a really cute yarn guy to play as, AND IT'S AVAILABLE TODAY!! WOHOO, FINALLY SOMEONE ACTUALLY DID WHAT I WANT FROM E3 ALL THESE YEARS!! Sucks that the crowds are not as enthusiastic as I am since that's the only great thing about this conference.
    As for the rest, it's pretty much what we all expect: Battlefield V which is thankfully going to be better than Black Ops 3 because it has both singleplayer and battle royale, Sea of Solitude which looks decent, all the sports games which I don't give a shit about, I NEED MY STREETS GAMES BACK DAMN IT!
    And Anthem. Which doesn't interest me at all. And it's pretty much like what I imagined it to be: another "action rpg loot fest" game. The gameplay has convinced me further that it's so much like Warframe, but a lot more generic. So I rather play Warframe again instead. And that game is free! With open world + buttload of other missions + activities to enjoy!
    Urrrrrrghhhhhhhh. What a deflating way to start E3. But the good news is IT'S GONNA GET BETTER! Ubisoft, EA, Nintendo, Devolver, maybe Square Bethesda and Microsoft, good luck boyz! Blow our socks off!
  21. ProfessorGodLike liked a post in a topic by Angry Joe in AJSA Chain of Command - Ranks   
    All [AJSA] Individuals must obey the Chain of Command or Risk Strikes or possibly a Ban. Please be respectful to Officers and obey our structure of order. We anticipate large membership so this is very necessary to make the Angry Army function at its best! If you have a problem with authority or the reverse, with power trips, please do not apply to our community, you will be removed as soon as it become an issue. We are trying to create a fun and friendly gaming environment for all types of Gamers! Thank you for your cooperation.
    The Front Line

    Recruit - New Recruits to the Angry Army are welcomed with open arms! Recruits may participate in the AJSA and open gaming events but must prove their sincerity in participating our gaming community by “Earning their shield” and becoming a full fledged Member of the AJSA! They may do this by proving themselves friendly, dedicated, and competent on the battlefield and by participating actively on our forums.
    Recruits are Automatically Promoted to Full Member after (30 Days) with No Strikes on their Account.
    Veterans and Higher Ranks may recommend a Recruit to be Promoted sooner with at least 2 weeks of high activity.
    Officers will then review the Recruit and approve them for full membership.

    Member - Loyal, Trained and Skilled, these Soldiers are the Heart and Soul of the Angry Army! You have proved yourself among the best, congratulations! Members are also considered first over Recruits for Limited Events, Beta Key Giveaways, and AJSA Internal Prize Tournaments.
    Members represent the Angry Army within the Gaming Community and strive for excellence in any game they play!

    Veteran - Automatically awarded to members who have been in good standing for (90 days) during our first 6 months in operation. This Requirement goes up to (180 days) after our "Launch Window". Members of the Previous Angry Army may become Veterans Automatically with Commander Review and Approval.

    Veterans are considered Members for all rank purposes but whose service has been proven, respected and now recognized.

    Sergeants - An active member who goes above and beyond within the community. Training and Improving other Members gaming skills and offering regular friendly help to new recruits. This is the highest Possible Rank achievable before an Officer Rank.
    Sergeants are Hand Selected by Commanders for grooming towards an Officer Position or to simply help lead our Front Line Troops in battle. It is only from this pool that New Officers are considered in new and current games when needed. Only Sergeants and above may be considered to run new AJSA Official Games.
    When no Officers are present at an event or in-game a Sergeant will lead squads in game by default if they so choose. Sergeants do not have the power to moderate the boards or discipline other members but are trusted to inform Officers of any potential problems.
    Commanding Officers

    Game Specific Officers - These are members who have displayed an aptitude for leadership. An outstanding member of the community, they are responsible for scheduling events, meetings, training sessions and ensuring a positive gaming environment for all members in their respective game.
    Game Officers act as moderators on the forums and in game. They may add events to The Official AJSA Calendar only with Approval from a Commander. Game Officers are considered Sergeants if they are playing in a game other than their specified Game.
    (Coming Soon)
    Game Specific Admins -

    AJSA Commanders - These are Senior Officers who have displayed outstanding leadership skills. They must be diplomatic, decisive and adept at multi-tasking. They have all the powers and permissions Game Officers do. They may also act as the AJSA Server Admin’s if they have the required knowledge.
    This is the highest level of work and responsibility within the AJSA. It requires an immense amount of free time and flexibility. They oversee all of the AJSA activities within all our official games and are ultimately responsible for coordinating regular training, meetings and events with our Officers. Game Commanders are always considered Commanders regardless of what game they are playing in.

    The AJSA Council - These are the specific individuals that Lord Commander Joe relies on for advisement and executive actions. The Council determines the direction and focus of the Angry Army. Council members have the power to manage and administer all aspects of the AJSA’s direction on behalf or in advisement of the Lord Commander through majority votes. Game Commanders report directly to the council in High Command Meetings to give sit-reps on the state of the community in regular monthly meetings.
    Specialized AJSA Members

    AJS Video Personality -
    (Coming Soon)
    AJSA E-Sports Team (Captain/Member) -

    Gold Club -

    Platinum Club -

    Founders Club -

    AJSA Investor -
  22. ProfessorGodLike liked a post in a topic by Kaz32 in Persona 5 US reviews are in.   
    We all know that Persona 5 was originally released back in Japan September 15 2016 to enormously fucking good scores in Japan. And now, this game has been played by reviewers everywhere outside of japan, with these as their scores:
    IGN 9.7/10 GamesRadar GameSpot 9/10 OPM (UK) 10/10 Polygon 9/10  
    Damn those lucky reviewers and their early review copies. 
    Also fun fact: this game is the highest rated PS4 2017 game on Metacritic right now with 94, beating Horizon Zero Dawn's 8.9 and Nier Automata/ Nioh's 8.8. Sure it's not as high as Zelda, but we all know that Zelda only got that high of a score because Nintendo paid those people $$$ to give the game 10s up the ass even though the game is more like a 9.5 or 9 if you see the weapons breaking easily, the alright plot that's basically the same as previous Zelda games and even the Master Sword needing to recharge after use as detriments to the game.
    Man, I can't wait to finally grab this game, upgrade my social links up the ass, do good in school exams, be the ultimate chick magnet and get every girl I can date to my side! And of course get every single summons in the game like Jack Frost because, well, you gotta have Atlus' mascot character with you in battle for good luck.

    Such a shame that Dante is still only in Nocturne and not available as a special summons in any of the Persona games....
    Point is: I can't stand this waiting anymore!!!GIVE ME PERSONA 5 NOW!!!! 
  23. WITHASTICK liked a post in a topic by ProfessorGodLike in Hey Everyone, I'm new around here.   
    Hey everyone, I've just joined today and let me say that I am loving this website and this community here. I just wanted to let everyone know that I'm new around here and all but I just can't wait to meet everyone in this community and i hope to make some new friends too. Oh and also, if anybody wants to add me on PS4, my gamertag is ProfessorGodLike
  24. WITHASTICK liked a post in a topic by ProfessorGodLike in Hey Everyone, I'm new around here.   
    Hey everyone, I've just joined today and let me say that I am loving this website and this community here. I just wanted to let everyone know that I'm new around here and all but I just can't wait to meet everyone in this community and i hope to make some new friends too. Oh and also, if anybody wants to add me on PS4, my gamertag is ProfessorGodLike