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  1. I wouldn't call it a mmo per say but I've been playing a lot of Foxhole as of late as well as Neverwinter nights on a Roleplaying server called arelith, both are extremely fun and scratch the mmo itch I get every so often
  2. There's a game in pre-alpha on steam named FoxHole it's an isometric top down World war 2 massively multiplayer online game where two factions fight for control over and entire map and you have to build bases, collect supplies and win the war. I think the AJSA would be Perfect for this game as it provides the content similar to planetside 2 and battle field 1 that's heavily focused on teamwork and cooperation to defeat the opposition. As i said before it's available on Steam and is free to play currently but I'll link the website as well FoxHole website Steamlink
  3. Hey, Xero here. I'm a returning member of the AJSA. it's been years but it's good to be back looking forward to hanging out with you guys again.
  4. My Handle is Xemoro.
  5. Currently have a Freelancer and a cutless
  6. just added most of you on steam
  7. ill be happy to play with you
  8. yea considering if one was to make a dedicated server that could house more then 100+ players(if that's even possible)....it could (in theory) become an mmo considering how large the alpha sector alone is you could go the whole game without meeting someone, its interesting to say the least