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  1. Well if you dont like it, don't watch it...
  2. Yea I might get banned if I do remind people of this... interactive feature.
  3. hot coffee mod San Andreas... No I don't think it needs a revamp.
  4. 24 Hours well worth it I'd assume.
  5. Lol the first person perspective fights were awkward.
  6. I'm not sure if the Windows phones had voice input prior to this announcement.
  7. We're getting closer and closer to that reveal. You have to think that both Madden and NHL will release on both last gen and next gen consoles.
  8. Yea neither am I which is weird to me because there's that brief excitement, only to be let down by the final release... Atleast you'll save $60!
  9. That's the spirit..!
  10. Luke Kuechly stars and "transforms" in this announcement trailer for Madden 15. Thoughts? hopes? pessimistic/optimistic? post it here!
  11. Strike Gameplay Interview about Co op
  12. Looks fun. I want to see Raid mode though.
  13. I'll be getting a Wii U to play this. (also an ethernet adapter)
  14. Very excited to read/listen about Bungies announcement