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  1. Hi i would like to join IGN pckiller911
  2. Recently started reading this again and wondered if a movie version will be done. Michael Crichton novels made pretty awesome movies and tv miniseries (ie Jurassic Park, The Andromeda Strain, etc). With interesting plot of rogue nanobots with networking capabilities through swarm AI and capable of self replication. Getting smarter, hunting prey (hence title) and replicating objects and disguising as humans through hiding under the skin (a bit like John Carpenter's The Thing). Add a little grey goo scenario hints. I think I could be a good if not great Sci-fi material. Anyone else read this? Do you think it will be made anytime in the future?
  3. Nope not Seattle its South East Asia.
  4. ign pckiller911
  5. Hello, I'm pckiller911. I'm from Malaysia, specifically Penang but currently in Japan studying. I'm mostly a PC gamer, played some console at friend's but did not own one. Mainly shooters(warframe, BF4, payday), RTS(wargame, WIC, C&C series) and some RPG like TES series. My other interest are reading (especially Micheal Crichton), sci-fi, movies, airsoft and tabletop gaming (trying to but difficult to find groups). Hope to make some friend and game together, Thank you. Any questions feel free to ask