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  1. Anyone hear news about the DBZ kickstarter Joe and Jasco are going to be doing? Hoping this is announced before the Mortal Kombat one. Both will be cool though.
  2. Awesome. can't wait for more angry, more giveaways, more moreness. MOOOORDOOOOR.
  3. I got a good PC, so no reason to. But if I had to choose, I'd say PS4. Xbox is having trouble keeping up with launch titles that the PS4 is playing at full FPS and resolution. So, Imagine a game that pushes PS4 to play at 25-30FPS and 720p. That game would never run on Xbox One, unless they ripped out huge amounts of content. And this is bound to happen in the last half of the next gen cycle. PS4 exclusives have a lot of potential.
  4. I'll get it on PC after Joes approval of the game so I know if it is worth it.
  5. PC.
  6. Yeeea, it's just letting you watch other consoles through the Xbox, you know, if you decide to buy both. Most new TVs have several HDMI inputs now anyway so wooopdeedooooo lol
  7. As much as I have to grit my teeth when I say this... COD does make the gunplay fun, it just get's it right. Maybe not accurate, but fun. But I agree they need to do more, because their solid gun mechanics are about the only thing keeping it alive. They need to just make a full fledged zombie campaign or something, or at least make the historical plots accurate and interesting. They could make it in the middle east, and about all the craziness that has been happening over there, that would be interesting. But god their story lines have been pretty unsatisfying for the past... well... like all of them.
  8. None. Gotta spend wisely on my budget, so I'll wait so BASOA's (Bass Ass Seal Of Approval)'s.
  9. We should be required to wear these when we participate in events LOL
  10. I'd like something like that but instead maybe a magnet. I hate stickers, never a place I want to put them.
  11. Yes, bobblehead or something! Maybe Funko will do it if we suggest that they make YouTuber Funkos, that would be cool.
  12. Hello, just thought I'd introduce myself on this thing. I been watching Angry Joe for quite a while now, but have just recently joined the site. I enjoy that he is both entertaining and accurate with his reviews. I myself am a indie game developer working on my first game, and it's been a hell of a ride. Lately I've been playing Assassin's Creed 2, Guild Wars 2, and Zelda : Ocarina of Time (never got to this one as a kid). I play primarily on PC, though I do not consider my playing skills to be elite in the slightest, but I love video games.
  13. I tried to to all the things there are to do in the Halloween event, one thing that I found pretty difficult, and was unable to do, is complete the skeletal lych in Mad Kings Labyrinth. Need such a huge group for that guy. I think the halloween stuff ends on the 11th. So if you guys/gals up for it, let's murder 'em dead... well... more dead!