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  1. Oh your poor thing, getting brutally harassed by me. Turns out if you make inane comments you can expect people to react to them. Who would have thought?
  2. Right, because wishing an agonizing death on people is an appropriate thing to do when talking about video games. Grow the fuck up.
  3. Very atmospheric games, had a lot of fun playing, but they really were unbearably buggy. Even with countless fan fixes and mods Shadow of Chernobyl was a buggy mess for me. An enjoyable buggy mess though. I didn't even attempt to play Clear Sky. I enjoyed Call of Pripyat even more than SoC, but I never got to finish it since it kept crashing at some point late into the story. Never managed to fix that bug, which is especially frustrating considering that before that point the game seemed remarkably bug-free (no doubt thanks to the fan patches). Comparisons to Fallout aren't really needed, the games don't have much in common besides the vague radioactive-mutant-apocalypse setting. Does anyone know what happened with the franchise? Who picked it up after the developers closed down?
  4. Not necessarily epic, but here are some of my favorite menu themes! Gothic 2 DNDR https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VV53RZqF2TM Age of Mythology And lastly, the direct opposite of epic, but very recognizable: Civilization IV Edit: Youtube integration didn't work for the last three.
  5. It's not like they are making a shooter, it will be an adventure game in the typical Telltale style. With Sam and Max they have shown that they can do comedy. The only thing I'm slightly worried about is the amount of new IPs they are working on, and the workload that creates. They've been hiring a lot of people though, so they'll probably be able to handle it just fine. Baseless speculation anyways. I'm more excited about GoT, Walking Dead and Wolf Among Us.
  6. Anno 1602 on my mother's Windows 95 PC, what an awesome game!
  7. Wasn't this whole thing pretty much debunked from the start anyways? /r/fallout is insufferable right now, I've unsubscribed from it until all the emo washes out... Following all the analysis and speculation was a lot of fun though, the creators clearly put a lot of efforts into the site. That would be an awful amount of work just to fuck with some people. Yeah, how dare they not cater exactly to your wishes and expectations. A game that isn't approved 100% by Sidious should obviously fail, the developers should all lose their jobs, and anyone who even thinks about buying such a game should get untreatable cancer. All hail lord Sidious, please show us the way to a bright gaming future...
  8. This is the most American thread on this site. Here in Germany the only really well known fast food chains are McDonalds, Burger King and Subway, but I don't usually visit those. I used to as a kid, but I haven't set foot in a McDonalds for years. Maybe I should try it out some time, see if anything has changed. Fast food is pretty much defined as food that is available on short notice, right? In that case there are some local asian places I get mixed rice from once in a while, though I don't believe that's particularly unhealthy. Sometimes I get cravings for a nice Burger with fries, then I visit the local pub and dig in. I would assume that the ingredients there are of higher quality than over at Mc, but that's still a boatload of fat. Delicious though. Right now the local christmas market has opened, and once or twice a week I go there and pick up something from the many food vendors, like a nice Bratwurst in bread. The fast food culture in America seems to be pretty impressive. In Germany (and in most other European countries I would assume), you are limited to some of the really big chains, apart from that we have a ton of small, family-owned businesses, as well as a lot of bars and pubs which serve burgers and the like. How is the pricing over in the states? McDonalds and Co are branded by society as places "the poor" go to feed themselves, but in reality eating at Mc is not exactly cheap, and without a doubt eating there is significantly more expensive than buying groceries and cooking something up yourself.
  9. 14th of January. I'm so excited for this game!
  10. I don't play many hard or frustrating games, but Majesty 2 comes to mind. That game had some really fucking hard levels. Titan Quest on legendary was pretty difficult as well, but diablo-style games are designed to mess the player up in the highest difficulties. Most levels in Hitman: Blood Money got pretty frustrating on the highest difficulty levels, especially if you were set on completing them perfectly.
  11. I play through Gothic 1 and 2 every couple of years. Fallout: New Vegas was mentioned, Skyrim for the same reasons (although only with heavy modding). Torchlight 2 doesn't really "end", I'm still not at max level and go back to get a couple of levels every now and then. Crusader Kings 2 can't be finished either, I go back to it every couple of weeks for a game. Total War: Shogun 2 every couple of months. I play Civ 5 pretty much constantly at the moment, but I can see myself getting back to it every now and then once I get tired of it. I get back to Vampire: The Masquerade Bloodlines regularly. Awesome game. Every couple of years I also get the urge to replay the Warcraft 3 campaign.
  12. I picked up GalCiv 2 quite a while ago and played around with it from time to time (75 hours at this point). Still don't understand all the game mechanics and have yet to win a game on a difficulty level above normal, so it's safe to say I have no idea what the fuck I'm doing. It's fun though, a great purchase for any 4X fan. Don't like the emphasis on humorous presentation all that much, but that's just personal preference. I'd have to read up on some stuff in order to get better, but I'm preoccupied with Civ 5 at the moment. Isn't there a new GalCiv coming?
  13. Absolutely loved it, played it to exhaustion a couple of years back. Loved the setting, the aesthetic and the monster designs. The former Iron Lore developers are working on another hack-n-slash called Grim Dawn right now. I'm very exciting for that one!
  14. I'm getting really hungry browsing this thread... Some yummy stuff from Germany! Leberkäse with roast potatoes and a fried egg. Bienenstich (bee sting cake) Marmorkuchen (marble cake) And now I'm even hungrier.