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Everything posted by Bedomy

  1. Thank you Sir *salutes*
  2. I'm sorry to hear that. Thank you for letting me know. I apologize if what I said came out as rude but I thought it could spark or promote some activity with other members. "sweatdrop"
  3. I'm playing pretty regularly but mostly solo. I visit the guild hall here and there but it's usually empty and it seems like everything is upgraded. It would be nice if there were some guild raids or events scheduled on a monthly basis to keep the guild active. But if you're in the area I would like to go on a quest with a party guild-mates
  4. As the title says, EA has given the permission to revive an old classic. The Battle Forge, now known as Skylords Reborn, will have most of its gameplay features present. There will be no paid DLC or (paid) updates, everything is free and not related to EA. And I'm somewhat worried because EA is a greedy company and I suspect they'll try to C&D the whole thing if it proves popular enough. Will they try to resell the game to us afterwards or take over the servers and make them Pay2Play? In any case microtransactions are guaranteed to show up if that happens. Am I just paranoid? What do you think about the whole situation?
  5. Freereapergaming makes a good point. Could you make a channel on the Discord AJSA server for this? I'm a "novice" (doing my content for almost a year) at making videos but if I can be of any assistance, I'll do what I can
  6. Hello and welcome, hope you'll enjoy your time here
  7. Hello and welcome. I hope you'll like it here.
  8. Hey, nice to meet a fellow newcomer
  9. As the title suggest, I'm looking for people to play with and have fun on Halo Online (Eldewrito mod) 6.0. If you're interested, message me here or on AJSA Discord (same username as here) and let's have fun
  10. I think I just found my new ringtone Great job, can't wait to hear more of your content
  11. Poor guy Did he managed to bounce back? I think Joe and the rest of the YT big names are safe to a degree, since they have their own network sites. That or they can make a new channel and quickly regain their subscribers. But you're right, it could happen to all of us....
  12. I finally got the SC2 trilogy and the Mass Recall mod. Now I just have to win them both.
  13. You could try using Unreal Engine 4. It's free to download and use but if you sell your content Epic Games will ask for a percentage of the profits. If your game is free you don't have to pay anything. There are a couple of tutorials on how to use UE4 as well. Good luck with your project and I hope to see/play it soon Link of the tutorial I found:
  14. Nice to meet you Mickel
  15. I've been a fan of Judge Dredd and his universe for a long time so I tend to search the web for more comics and/or other multimedia products that feature the titular character. So, as you can imagine, I stumbled across this article a couple of days ago. And while every bit of my inner fanboy wants to scream and wet himself in excitement, I would like to confirm the trustworthiness of the article and the existence of these rumors with the help of someone better informed. Thank you for your help in advance. bows Source page: https://screenrant.com/judge-dredd-game-rebellion/
  16. Hello, nice to meet you all. I hope we can all get along (to a degree). Tries to think of something interesting to say... I've been a fan of Angry Joe Show for a long time but never joined the community since my library consisted of single-player titles. Now that I managed to get Starcraft 2 and Guild Wars 2 I fell more comfortable with joining and being a part of this group. I hope you can help me improve as a player and person. And that's about it from me. bows Might be important: 1. Bedomy is the name I usually use in games but, just in case, ask for my in-game name if you wish to play. 2. I apologize in advance for any case of unintentional rude behavior on my part. Please, warn me if it happens. 3. I have a YT channel called "Doomed From The Start". And I would like to thank Joe and the late TotalBiscuit for giving me courage to make videos. Salutes
  17. Thank you for letting me join, sir. salutes