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  1. Bedomy liked a post in a topic by Bamboe in Microtransaction Ban Bill in the US   
    The video game industry is new and very important sector for developing culture.  Interactive educational software and video games have a powerful effect in shaping culture.  The use of randomized content lootboxes is game crafting bad practice.  Players are forced to comply by consciously suspending their agential control for the sole purpose of increasing a games profitability and revenue cycle.  A large majority of gamers are aware of the peripheral, time-gating, nature of these loot box microtransactions.  There is little benefit presented to gamers for participating in these craps shoot, grab bag, content packs.  The neglected majority of gamers are conscious of the contributions they make to support a game.  Gamers enjoy exploring storefronts to buy content items that customize their character.  These purchases can be catered to support seasonal themes or in-game global events.  Being forced to buy, mystery box, content grab bags is simply weak.  We all believe these to be nothing but bad deal scams to grift us out of our money.  Money that we spend meticulous calculated measures to spend diligently because it is crucial for all aspects of society!  The practice of using randomized content lootboxes, symptomatic or diagnostic, is having a detrimental effect to our economy.  The practice is no more than petty grifting.  Game publishers should be held to a higher standard for providing fair deals (transaction opportunities) to their customers, micro or otherwise.

    When I first arrived in Canada with my family I noticed that Canada had two things that we didn't not have in my country:  Candy and Toys.  In my country we value things like might, wealth and strength.  These are wonderful things.  But there also needs to be things that motivate us to live like Play and fun.  The issue of microtransactions in video games will affect western culture profoundly.  It is important that you get involved because your country can be a jewel.  We have stared into the void of space for eons and to this day we haven't found a world with life on it.  Here, on earth, we have wonderful things.  
  2. Bedomy liked a post in a topic by Cyborg-Rox in So... does anybody here still play GW2?   
    I played it for a couple hundred hours, since it's my friend's favorite game. Was never that invested in it though. Every time I play it, it just gets kind of... boring after a while.
    Might be the MMORPG gameplay I'm just not used to.
  3. Treeps liked a post in a topic by Bedomy in So... does anybody here still play GW2?   
    Thank you Sir *salutes*
  4. Bedomy liked a post in a topic by Treeps in So... does anybody here still play GW2?   
    Oh, no! It wasn't rude at all! I was trying to explain why we don't see Angry Army so active anymore. If someone wants to team up and do things as a guild, please do! You have my support. I could add the info to the guild message, like "This person wants to do these things on this day!"
  5. Bedomy liked a post in a topic by Treeps in So... does anybody here still play GW2?   
    We had members responsible for guild events. Unfortunately, real life got them all. Guild leaders left and promoted others to take their places, just so the guild doesn't die completely. I'm one of the current leaders, but honestly, I don't feel like one. Before that, my job was to recruit new members and to keep the guild hall looking awesome (that's why we have a fully upgraded and decorated guild hall and you see me here on the forums). Lately, I'm playing very casually. When I do something as a guild, I do that with The Forest Guard [TFG]. That's our "sister guild". They were initially a Northern Shiverpeaks WvW guild (and still is for the most part), but lately they've been accepting people from other servers and promoting PvE events. So, if someone is interested on joining TFG, lemme know. I can send you an invite.
  6. Bedomy liked a post in a topic by Lazilot in So... does anybody here still play GW2?   
    It's a legitimate question -- I never joined the AJSA guild because honestly I didn't even know there was one back when I started playing and there hasn't been any major updates in this forum since... 2017, so I have to ask, is anybody here still playing GW2?
  7. Bedomy liked a post in a topic by Dace in So... does anybody here still play GW2?   
    I still play the game. I log in several times a week and am always down for any guild-related activities. 
  8. Bedomy liked a post in a topic by Cyborg-Rox in EA allows the fan-revival of Battle Forge, something stinks here   
    I wouldn't put it past them to do something like that...
  9. Bedomy liked a post in a topic by Freereapergaming in AJSA YouTube: A Call To Action!   
    Is there a way to orginise a meeting or chat session at some point, to brainstorm ideas, and find out what content you want, what sort of things you want us to produce, etc. So we can start making regular content for the channel?, like a regular Angry Army Monday. I am on GMT world time, so ideally something thats 6CST or after for me to join in, and ofc i might be at work as i work till 9pm GMT most days.
  10. Bedomy liked a post in a topic by Doctor in Looking for a Good RTS Game on Steam   
    I don't think there is such a RTS as "best" but I could recommend: Planetary Annihilation: TITANS   There has been some controversies around the game/development but it looks like the development continues and things has settled down already.
  11. Bedomy liked a post in a topic by Umbrella_Ops in New to the fold, Veteran fan of Joe.   
    Hey everyone. I don't know why it's taken me so long to get over here, considering I've been watching Angry and Other Joe analyze games since around 2010, but i'm here now! Glad to be here and I hope I can be a part of this community. Throughout the years of perusing some of the great gaming Youtube channels, I've always wanted more and in turn, always thought I had more to offer than simply "watching" videos. Glad I'm here! 
  12. Bedomy liked a post in a topic by BigBoar in hello people! new here   
    im from philippines and i play both Japanese and western games. i like both and i want to share here anything here that comes on my mind. im also a member of ign forum. and lastly i draw cartoon/manga style for living(not self business but for a publishing company) nice to meet you all!
  13. Bedomy liked a post in a topic by Sky-Dark-rain in New to Angry Joe Army   
    Just saying hey and introducing myself my name is Carl I am a gamer and that's obvious but been quite a fan of Angry Joe so yeah keep it up keep up the good work
  14. MasterJack555 liked a post in a topic by Bedomy in I hope Youtube is happy with themselves...   
    Poor guy
    Did he managed to bounce back?
    I think Joe and the rest of the YT big names are safe to a degree, since they have their own network sites.
    That or they can make a new channel and quickly regain their subscribers.
    But you're right, it could happen to all of us.... 
  15. Bedomy liked a post in a topic by Freereapergaming in A Mix of Rage.   
    I put together a video now, its my first attempt at merging multiple video clips together with music, while trying to be a bit funny, Its all off the cuff, did not plan this out, just put it together to provide a more enjoyable version of the song. Also i added some much needed DBZ to the song and end of the video, you will see why
  16. Bedomy liked a post in a topic by Mr_E_Meatshield in A Mix of Rage.   
    Pretty sure Joe would love this.
  17. Bedomy liked a post in a topic by The Red Mark in Creating RTS Game   
    I Have a question does anyone know where I can get the software to make a game and where to buy it?
    The reason for asking is because I want to make an RTS game and I want to do a good job doing that. 
  18. Bedomy liked a post in a topic by MasterJack555 in MasterJack555's Youtube Channel!   
    https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCOdyobHk2vK3uJ0S6YxnKFg If you are into Fortnite Battle Royale, then come check out MasterJack555's Youtube Channel "The Drumming Kiwi." We upload new content almost every other day and we really appreciate your support so, please. Check the channel out and like and subscribe. Also, tell me in the comment section if you are an AJSA member! Remember, Never Surrender! Channel Link above!
  19. Bedomy liked a post in a topic by Madfinnishgamer38 in Private Bedomy, reporting for duty   
    On my behalf, welcome to the AJSA. c:
  20. Bedomy liked a post in a topic by RuneX in Private Bedomy, reporting for duty   
    Hello and welcome!

  21. Bedomy liked a post in a topic by Legolas_Katarn in Private Bedomy, reporting for duty   
    Welcome to the AJSA
  22. Bedomy liked a post in a topic by Mickel1989 in New Streamer and a Beginner   
    Im from Portugal and a big fan of angryjoe Show both Movies and game Reviews, i have no friends for 7 years because im a truck driver and i work for 12 sometimes more per day for 5 sometimes 6 days a week, so i decided to make new friends on the community and i also started streaming on my Twitch account Miguel_POT https://www.twitch.tv/miguel_pot but im just a beginner so any advise for you guys is a big help for me, just please take a look at my channel and share your thoughts.