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  • Birthday 07/02/1995

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    bowman ruto

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    gaming, anime, art,... nerdy stuff XD
  1. hello everyone becurs off all of the suggestions i got form phepol all over the place i finally made the dicition to buy a pair of tritton pro+ headphones... there's only one problem... it needs usb for power and every time i plug in it starts making this verry annoying buzz hand hiss sounds everytime i do anything on my pc and i cant seem to figure out why... ive tried external means even a empty room on a diffrent pc wont work....... anyone got any idea? form bowmanruto
  2. good tip for newcommers to pc gaming from my standpoint: are 60 games with at least 6 hours playtiome on each enuf XD
  3. hello everyone i recently got a new gaming rig but had to reinstall windows so my question to this wonderful community dous anybody have any tips and tricks on making your pc game ready asap and keeping it running for as long as possibul? by: bowmanruto
  4. ill join if it is on pc, and if we can choose whatever plane (tier can be restricted) we want becurs some factions get boring after a while
  5. if the market grows like 200% in the comming 24 hours maby they will only focus on pc... unlikely but i like to dream big XD
  6. only one: dear ester that game wasen't even worth the 3 cents i paid for it
  7. i love metal don't really have a favorite band...
  8. 90% off all gamers are male (unfortunately) when you see the statistic of 55 m vs 45 f it counts casual, iphone and facebook games so no suprise here, still lets be glad that its not like 99.99999% male XD
  9. mechwarrior online planetside 2 tribes assend leage dota 2 war thunder warframe hawken blaclight retrebution etc.
  10. just remember that beta is beta and it was a ps3 beta so it micht be diffrent
  11. i would recommend looking at the banners at for the angry joe show (it has ppl in uniforms) and update that design to represent the ajsa(angry joe show army) becurs those are the outfits of the old aa(angry army) like your idea of changing the colors, and we could maybe update the old design to be more of a laid back/rebel uniform (more loos clothing and not as army like while still uniform and protective)
  12. dark souls is my favorite game of all time, but i think waiting till dark souls 2 with support from the angry army would be a wise call (it will fix most of the con's of ds 1) as tho not to scare ppl away from the series due to the shotty port to pc... that said i'm still voting up your topic becurs even tho dark souls is flawed its a flawed masterpiece
  13. bf3 had these bug's too, most still aren't fixed.. so i am gonna wait till it has a steep price drop and i know it will work. also i think battlefield 4 should be removed from the officially supported games until its fixed becurs it sends the wrong message to ppl, becurs they feel pressured to buy the game even tho it dous not work properly (on most systems, some ppl have more luck then others)
  14. what is you're pc setup??? mine is: https://imagizer.imageshack.us/v2/3072x2304q50/21/jaln.jpg https://imagizer.imageshack.us/v2/3072x2304q50/163/6kqr.jpg heasdset:https://imagizer.imageshack.us/v2/1105x829q90/19/3b97.jpg
  15. most of them are the same for me only my number 3 is the opening of death note