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  1. I notice that there are very few movies that are battle Royale style. I only known two: the Japanese high school killing Class that is literally called "Battle Royale" and a western movie called "Hunger Games". I heard there's super heroes battle Royale movies but normal people killing each other seems more interesting. Should there be more battle Royale movies? Anime already has multiple Battle Royale shows.
  2. i found this interesting anime. its about a war of our real life modern world and a fantasy world. what if there is a open world game like this, sets in real life, a gate that connects into a fantasy world like LOTR, Elder scrolls or The witcher? you explore that fantasy world with both horses and military vehicles and tanks and engage in skirmishes and able you to return in real life world via gate tunnel for open city strolls and shopping? would this kind of game would be cool?
  3. im from philippines and i play both Japanese and western games. i like both and i want to share here anything here that comes on my mind. im also a member of ign forum. and lastly i draw cartoon/manga style for living(not self business but for a publishing company) nice to meet you all!