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  1. Yep, that's what I thought. It's because of the GDPR (recent privacy stuff enforced in Europe). First Loadout, now SMNC.
  2. From reading the documents, MMOGrinder was fired for being one day late on uploading his content due to a family medical emergency. A very douchy move on Michaud's end if you ask me. Doug and Rob Walker really should take steps to distance themselves from Michael Michaud and do their own thing and abandon the "Channel Awesome" and "Nostalgia Critic" names. However, Doug and Rob could still do movie reviews but with less skit nonsense, bits of humor and rename themselves something brand new, like "Walker Brothers Reviews" or something like that.
  3. https://www.reddit.com/r/ChannelAwesome/comments/8clbe7/its_worth_noting_that_a_week_ago_this_said/ Could it be? Is it possible be actually stepped down? (See image in link)
  4. Channel Awesome has lost nearly 40,000 subscribers since the allegations and other information has surfaced almost 2 weeks ago. Now if there's any other way to accelerate these losses..
  5. Why has nobody talked about the Channel Awesome meltdown and their absurd responses (mirror) since the start of the month? I find these allegations of abuse, mistreatment and other things just show that things aren't always sparkly shiny on the surface and are bound to show corruption on the underside, namely from Michael Michaud, the CEO of Channel Awesome and to lesser extents, Doug Walker and his brother Rob. This not only saddens me as a former CA fan from many years ago but it angers me that Doug has allowed such things to go on for years on end. Firstly, I would like to say keep this discussion civil and please read (not skim) the 70 page Google document before contributing to this topic. EDIT: Angry Joe has disassociated himself from Channel Awesome. Good move!
  6. That's why I'm here and there for the community, not for him. I used to be but his channel changed too much and for the worst (at least for me and some others)
  7. I am still wary of this cloud based performance nonsense like this. Give me some actual, physical hardware that will GUARANTEE performance!
  8. His places are middle-upper to high end types so you are paying for what you are getting. Seeing the entrees and appetizers on Hell's Kitchen, I'd probably still want more after such food.
  9. Any Gordon Ramsay fans here? Any particular series you like him in? I have a soft spot for the Kitchen Nightmares US (and UK) and recently Hell's Kitchen.
  10. G2A and games that implement this sort of shit need to fuck right off.
  11. Dying Light. Gameplay and visuals are good but the story was lacking. Nighttime gameplay is dramatically different unless you have some very high end weapons.
  12. unturned

    I don't like it because you can have assholes shooting you from nowhere and losing all your shit. I tried even with some friends and I was frustrated at the PVP element pissing me off I eventually stopped playing it after less than an hour.
  13. The console versions are limited modwise and world sizewise so your best bet is getting a version on the PC to experience the maximum potential the game can give you.
  14. Show them by playing something else if possible.