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  1. youtube haters, content

    If there's any content that should be dropped it's those stupid reaction videos because it's just low effort, bottom of the barrel content (MOST of the time) if you search reaction stuff on YouTube.
  2. youtube haters, content

    Khasm & Kaz32: I'm certainly not one of those brain dead morons who do nothing but spew vile garbage and demanding such. I am saying ditch the content (Reactions, movie reviews) that has a lower view count. Compare it to anything like an Angry View or Angry Rant, those get the most views out of anything and you know for sure that's a guarantee 1M+ views over time while the other content gets between 100k and 300k views on average. I'm just saying go back to your roots that made you popular in the first place: Video game related content. You'll likely pacify about 90-95% of the complaints if Joe does this move. If not, he'll continue to bleed subscribers for who knows how (a loss of around 5,000 subscribers in about 2 weeks). HOWEVER, the older subscriber base will never forget this.
  3. youtube haters, content

    Because this is relevant to what happened recently. Don't tell people with legitimate concerns and criticism to fuck off because you're now paying with it in blood (AKA subs leaving en masse) Because if you told ME to fuck off, you can expect any remaining respect from me to go out the window.
  4. youtube haters, content

    Looks like I was right all along since last year with the growing displeasure among fans. You change your overall format, you're going to lose your original fan base and now I see it. Not to mention bleeding subs by the hundreds since that update video and last month you only got a paltry 2,800 subs, down 84% and views are down 49%. Go back to your roots or risk demolishing your reputation. This is what happens when you are "Disconnected" from your fanbase. Disabling comments AND ratings for a month? Are you out of your mind?
  5. Maybe Joe should only buy the BASIC version of games he reviews, not these ridiculous $150-200 special editions (See: Street Fighter V) because it's just hypocritical to spend more then say don't get this game yet.
  6. Just stop buying their products, is that really that hard to do?
  7. Looks like more things that need to be fixed on the website it seems.
  8. People would just move back to older games that still have modding support, like GTA IV and such. Edit: Found an interesting post that summarizes most of the issue: http://gtaforums.com/topic/889348-take-two-vs-modding/page-93#entry1069662848
  9. A long discussion on a GTA fan forum A number of outlets have brought this up below: Ars Technia GameZone Kotaku Slashdot FragHero And many more. To bring it down to simple terms, Take-Two Interactive sent a cease & desist to the developers of OpenIV, a popular SINGLE PLAYER modding tool. It seems Take-Two hasn't researched that the program doesn't even allow you to connect to GTA Online if you have SP mods installed. Something else that is suspicious is IGN has not reported on this AT ALL since this happened still. As of the original posting, the score is down to Mixed (68%) and recent reviews show only 14% positive (Overwhelmingly Negative).
  10. I don't even have Windows 10. I have Windows 7.
  11. Is it still a console exclusive? If so, I really don't care for it. The same goes if porting it to PC and locking the FPS at 30.
  12. Nope, not even the original Doom does this. (and this is playing on PC)
  13. A complete waste of money and I blame the idiots who blindly purchase a video card worth more than my system setup! PS: I did say I might come back, so here I am.
  14. When I found Angry Joe's channel in 2011 or 2012, I found it to be refreshing and entertaining on his opinion of reviews, calling out gaming industry bullshit and other gaming content but over the years (esp. late 2015/2016) I have noticed a change in the programming being provided, seeing more and more "filler" content such as reaction style videos which has no relevance (and bottom of the barrel effort) on what the channel was originally made for back in the day and what I have no entertainment value because of the larger and larger amounts of said material put on the channel. What pains me to see such a great YouTube channel dilute down with irrelevant content bothered me to the point of unsubscribing not once but a second time to see if anything has changed. The community is a different beast which I have higher respect for at this point in time, especially those I've known on here since late 2013. I'd like to stay but I simply cannot continue to support Joe now unless he has a drastic change in the content on his YouTube channel. For those who've known me for all of this time, I do thank you for conversing with me on all the topics that I have posted in over the years. For Joe's inner circle of friends, get Joe to change his course in content before the channel eventually goes into a downward spiral as I have seen numerous complaints on the discussion page on YouTube about what I have brought up multiple times in the AngryJoeShow subforum. This might be the last time you see me on this forum unless there are major changes to the channel's quality of content. Goodbye, -Glaice AJSA member 2011/2012 - 2017