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  1. His places are middle-upper to high end types so you are paying for what you are getting. Seeing the entrees and appetizers on Hell's Kitchen, I'd probably still want more after such food.
  2. Any Gordon Ramsay fans here? Any particular series you like him in? I have a soft spot for the Kitchen Nightmares US (and UK) and recently Hell's Kitchen.
  3. G2A and games that implement this sort of shit need to fuck right off.
  4. Dying Light. Gameplay and visuals are good but the story was lacking. Nighttime gameplay is dramatically different unless you have some very high end weapons.
  5. unturned

    I don't like it because you can have assholes shooting you from nowhere and losing all your shit. I tried even with some friends and I was frustrated at the PVP element pissing me off I eventually stopped playing it after less than an hour.
  6. The console versions are limited modwise and world sizewise so your best bet is getting a version on the PC to experience the maximum potential the game can give you.
  7. Show them by playing something else if possible.
  8. I've seen DOOM (2016) videos getting hit with this stupidity. Oh yea, start making your channels on https://vid.me and https://www.bitchute.com . I know I did and getting a reasonable viewcount on the latter.
  9. youtube haters, content

    Every time he uploads an unfavorable video (non-video game content), he is losing subscribers for a couple of days. This is not a good thing. The community/sub base did not ask for this and most don't want to see such a thing. Go back to the roots and mostly stick with video game related (hint, RELATED) content. I have been trying to get through on the Discussion page with my YouTube account posts and commenting on supporting people's arguments against Joe and responding to the obvious Joe sycophants or blind fanboys. Oh, and Joe needs to stop interrupting Other Joe and other co-hosts when they're talking, it's rude.
  10. pc

    Welcome to ascension, brother.
  11. I wasn't even aware of the foreshadowing price hike, I just looked at it from my wishlist.
  12. Yea, they signed a publishing deal with GEARBOX of all people, doubled the price, added season pass, a collector's edition, preorder item bonus bullshit and more. I was looking forward to this UNTIL this happened. That and if you crowdfunded this game on Kickstarter, you have every right to be angry at Compulsion Games now.
  13. youtube haters, content

    Lumping people who give constructive criticism as well as those who are posting dumb crap is the last thing you want to do. A lot of older subscribers feel alienated because of that. And don't bother highlighting him here, he'll never check the forums, meanwhile he uses Twitter like crazy.