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  1. Glaice liked a post in a topic by Kaz32 in The Channel Awesome Meltdown   
    You know those times where you're a fan of someone, and then you find out what a fucking cunt they are behind the scenes who did things so unforgivable, that you immediately want them all to pay for their sins? That's what I'm thinking of right now. What's sad is that this can happen to anyone, so we'll just have to expect the worst when it happens, and if we don't want to support them anymore because of it, then so be it.
    BTW here's a video from former Obscurus Lupa that explains what happens with her & why the google doc was made. Poor girl, I wish her all the best for the future!
    It's pretty ironic that this Channel Awesome thing happened at first because of youtube and their copyright nonsense, and that this is supposed to be an alternative to that for people to do videos for fun & business. Well, years later, better alternatives like Patreon and Twitch are used and youtube's still being used by everyone that wants to do videos, and whatever sites Channel Awesome use to put their videos in hope that it will replace youtube has become an archive room filled with dirt. And then the meltdown happened with a lot of people leaving. It's a matter of time before this place crumbles.
    When I was in University back in 2008 - 2011, I watched a lot of Nostalgia Critic + Angry Joe + Linkara + Spoony, alongside AVGN and movie clips of course, and I thought it's pretty cool that they colab with each other from time to time. I am thankful for these videos because they entertain me a lot & make me laugh. Those videos from that time are still videos that I watch today from time to time because they're hilarious and tickle my funny bone. But here's the thing, I like the contributors. I don't even give a flying fuck about Channel Awesome, which is good considering the contributors are the ones that are the reason why Channel Awesome was a thing in the first place.
    I think it's a great thing that a lot of the contributors actually leave Channel Awesome. They deserves better & deserves to speak up about their time in the channel so the world knows the truth. I hope more and more people will speak up & add more to that google document so we all get a clearer picture. I wish them all luck. It's a good thing I stopped watching Nostalgia Critic since 1 year ago so now I don't feel bad about completely ignoring it. Also, fuck that pathetic excuse of a man named Mike Michaud. He thinks he can just get away with all that shit he did? He can't do that anymore. The bully will get what's coming to him.
  2. PlasticFrogCG liked a post in a topic by Glaice in Shadow Tech.......Wow... wow..... wow wow wow wow WWWOOOOWWWWWW!!!!!   
    I am still wary of this cloud based performance nonsense like this. Give me some actual, physical hardware that will GUARANTEE performance!
  3. Deezyfesheezy liked a post in a topic by Glaice in Wild Card trampling their player base?   
    Show them by playing something else if possible.
  4. Glaice liked a post in a topic by DestinyDecade in Gordon Ramsay   
    I'm a fan.
  5. Glaice liked a post in a topic by Crazycrab in The game industry's obsession with lootboxs has officially gone to far..   
    Well congratulations finding one video from one popular YouTuber who agree's with you,  I could post a dozen or more form Angry Joe, Boogie 2988, Yong Yea, The Know, RTU, Jim Sterling, Sid Alpha.... The list go's on forever! Face it, you and him are in the minority here. That's not even the point though, I post what I think, not what someone else does.
    I'd happily debate it with you but I REALLY fucking hate this guy, he's only pro-consumer when it suits exclusivity his own demographic.  Most of the time he only cares about publishers and that's exactly doesn't make a fuss about shitty anti-consumer practices like this.  So I'm not going take him seriously, then leave it at that.  I don't want to derail this topic.
  6. Shagger liked a post in a topic by Glaice in The game industry's obsession with lootboxs has officially gone to far..   
    G2A and games that implement this sort of shit need to fuck right off.
  7. Shagger liked a post in a topic by Glaice in The game industry's obsession with lootboxs has officially gone to far..   
    G2A and games that implement this sort of shit need to fuck right off.
  8. Glaice liked a post in a topic by Crazycrab in The game industry's obsession with lootboxs has officially gone to far..   
    Unless it's a free to play game (and even there it's at least questionable) there is NO excuse for this RNG lootboxing gambling shit and I'm sick of gamers that defend it.
  9. Glaice liked a post in a topic by Madfinnishgamer38 in The game industry's obsession with lootboxs has officially gone to far..   
    No thanks. I'd much rather buy games I actually want instead of a bunch of random (and potentially horrible) games I never asked for.
  10. Deezyfesheezy liked a post in a topic by Glaice in Wild Card trampling their player base?   
    Show them by playing something else if possible.
  11. Glaice liked a post in a topic by Crazycrab in Final Fantasy XV. It is finally here. AT LAST!!!   
    I know that Legolas mentioned it the latest This Week in Gaming but I thought it would be worthwhile posting it here since people like @Glaice were asking about it.  Final Fantasy XV has now been officially confirmed for PC on the Windows Store, Steam and Origin releasing in early 2018.
    No mention about pricing or what DLC will be included yet but it will include enhanced graphics including NVidia Hairworks and, more importantly MODS!!!!
  12. Glaice liked a post in a topic by crushcommando in A video about people that are angry about Reviews.   
    Well it's sort of the biggest issue right now, it's annoying but joe brought it by himself by silencing any and all opposition on his main platform (youtube). Gaming related content (mostly reviews) is what got him where he is now; it was the staple of his channel which attracted an audience, ironically he seems to be following the path of many a failed game dev trying to branch out to "widen" their audience. He's literally doing the very thing he criticizes game devs for doing which is silencing criticism (he even said years ago he'd never do it but here we are). Where else can people go to voice their opinion? He has shut down any form of feedback on youtube, twitch mods refuse to hear anything that isn't kissing his ass; i wouldn't be surprised if facebook was any different. I don't think most people are upset about E3 and interviews and first looks at new games because it's gaming related, what they are upset about is him making a schedule (not written in stone but gave his word), going back on it, then taking 2 months MORE off from the 2 months he just did from video game reviews, and now all people see is the channel drowned in movie teasers/spoilers/reviews/reactions. I'm not saying he's lazy or that he didn't earn a break, he simply has become a hypocrite in how he handled the situation he himself caused, he missed several key titles he looked at in the past with no explanation or they were replaced by an inferior game. Dawn of war 3? total war warhammer? what happened?...sure am glad we got that 1 cat and mouse horror game review though... Both sides have key points but from his actions his mindset is basically "fuck you i'm right you're wrong if you disagree with me you're a hater or troll despite many of you being fans for years since the start."
  13. Arreyanne liked a post in a topic by Glaice in Youtube hate   
    Who gives a shit?
    We are not his personal white knight army and stop making dumb posts about people with OPINIONS about Joe! Not everyone is going to like him so deal with it, OP. Even I have my own and I think he's going downhill in terms of general quality and what is being posted.

  14. Crazycrab liked a post in a topic by Glaice in NVidea Titan Xp.... WHY THIS SERIES NEEDS TO DIE!   
    A complete waste of money and I blame the idiots who blindly purchase a video card worth more than my system setup!
    PS: I did say I might come back, so here I am.
  15. Glaice liked a post in a topic by Lazilot in Thanks for all the Cookies over the years   
    I tend to agree about the content being a lot more 'filler' these days, but it's ultimately AJ's choice because it's his channel so what he does with it, he does with it.
    However... leaving the community because of that is -- and I mean no offence -- kinda dumb. There's plenty of people here that waste time flocking to each AJ video and criticize or defend it, sure but at it's core the AJSA is a gaming community... so who cares about that? Most of us are just here to play videogames while the 'men of learning' play with their quill pens anyways so... yeah.
    But I get that it's your choice to leave and -- even if I don't get it -- I wish you all the best.
    On a side note: Does anyone else miss the gaming controversies videos? Those were great.
  16. Beatmaster A.C. liked a post in a topic by Glaice in Thanks for all the Cookies over the years   
    When I found Angry Joe's channel in 2011 or 2012, I found it to be refreshing and entertaining on his opinion of reviews, calling out gaming industry bullshit and other gaming content but over the years (esp. late 2015/2016) I have noticed a change in the programming being provided, seeing more and more "filler" content such as reaction style videos which has no relevance (and bottom of the barrel effort) on what the channel was originally made for back in the day and what I have no entertainment value because of the larger and larger amounts of said material put on the channel.

    What pains me to see such a great YouTube channel dilute down with irrelevant content bothered me to the point of unsubscribing not once but a second time to see if anything has changed. The community is a different beast which I have higher respect for at this point in time, especially those I've known on here since late 2013. I'd like to stay but I simply cannot continue to support Joe now unless he has a drastic change in the content on his YouTube channel.

    For those who've known me for all of this time, I do thank you for conversing with me on all the topics that I have posted in over the years. For Joe's inner circle of friends, get Joe to change his course in content before the channel eventually goes into a downward spiral as I have seen numerous complaints on the discussion page on YouTube about what I have brought up multiple times in the AngryJoeShow subforum.

    This might be the last time you see me on this forum unless there are major changes to the channel's quality of content.


    AJSA member 2011/2012 - 2017
  17. Coldblade098 liked a post in a topic by Glaice in Discussing Frequency of Joe Reviews (Only Thread)   
    @ColdBlade098: I wish he'd just put his reaction and trailer crap on a second channel, I got fed up seeing stuff I don't give a fuck about clogging what is predominantly a game channel. He's already compromised my loyalty to him over the past year with content I do not like.
    Take it to face value, reaction videos are shit and the worst thing you can put on Youtube.
  18. Crazycrab liked a post in a topic by Glaice in What's everyone up to?   
    Ask for a photo to make sure she isn't a catfish
  19. Apex Spartan liked a post in a topic by Glaice in What's everyone up to?   
    Been busy with games on my new desktop, specifically Mad Max at the moment.
  20. Glaice liked a post in a topic by Coldblade098 in Discussing Frequency of Joe Reviews (Only Thread)   
    Joe is filling up his channel with what he enjoys and I don't think he should stop what he loves but he needs to remember that his community wants something else. Not to say that he has not already compromised with us in the form of the new schedule even if we don't want some of the content, in fact I really enjoy the movie reviews and other content that seems to be bashed right now but I think he needs to slow down on the movie reviews and reactions and cut out all these "side" videos that are taking up wayyyy too much of his time in my opinion. Wasting time for example would be videos such as "Injustice 2 Story - AJ Reaction & Roster/Gear Analysis"(22 min), "Angry Joe Plays Star Wars Force Arena"(20 min) are both amazing enjoyable videos that take up time that could be used on more key videos on the channel. I want to make it clear that I don't wish for any of these videos to stop being produced but it would be nice to see them less on the channel in order to keep our focus on what we love AND what joe really wants his channel to be and that's all up to him but it needs to be a total compromise. 
    To conclude for anyone reading this my solution to this "content problem" is to focus more on your game reviews, give them more time and meet your goals of 2 reviews a month maybe more if you can slow way down on all the other content, although more focus on movie reviews is fine BUT Joe really needs to decide if he wants to become a game/movie review channel (and i'm ok with that) or focus on his game reviews and have everything else be a smaller part of the channel. This way we don't see a feed of reactions and 1 or 2 game reviews/movie reviews and a ton of reactions, instead we would love to see mostly game/movie reviews and the reactions to fill the gaps.
    One final comment to wrap this up and that is that honestly at the end of the day I really don't care if the channel stays as it is because I truly love joe and the channel and will always stand behind what he puts out for us because everything he makes is great 95% of the time (nothing is perfect) and that is what it means to be a true fan. 
    (please take this as my opinion feel free to disagree or agree with me) 
  21. Glaice liked a post in a topic by Shagger in 2017 GOTY contender confirmed: Art of Stealth.   
    Seriously Kaz, if you wanted to make an ironic, sarcastic joke about every pile of shit published on steam, you wouldn't be able to keep up. This is literally rhetoric biggest problem with PC gaming and whilst I praise you for pointing it out, we all know the problem, and do one of two things;
    Aknowledge this problem and not buy this trash, or Be a PCMR idiot and claim this "variety" is a good thing.
  22. Glaice liked a post in a topic by Mr_E_Meatshield in 2017 GOTY contender confirmed: Art of Stealth.   
  23. Seirex liked a post in a topic by Glaice in Microsoft Cancels Platinum Games Scalebound   
    If it was pushing the boundaries of consoles, why not just push it to PC instead of scrapping it? Oh right, Platinum Games doesn't really care much about PC gaming or money nonetheless. They could have made some money off the fantasy game crowd instead.
  24. Seirex liked a post in a topic by Glaice in Desktop update   
    Great news! The new desktop is online now! Dubbed "Aegis"
  25. Apex Spartan liked a post in a topic by Glaice in Why did EA decide not to be greedy this year?   
    Fuck preordering.