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  1. Welcome aboard.
  2. Yeah, Mindjack was hilarious. Every time I see it I always fall on the floor laughing my head off, LOL! Especially near the end with his initial reaction at 16:20. At that point Joe just snaps, just showing how shit this game is.
  3. Good to meet you. See you on the battlefield.
  4. Since we have looked back at our favourite games from PS3 and Xbox 360 it is time to look to the future and say what games we are looking forward to for the PS4 and Xbox One. For me it is Watch Dogs, Destiny and The Division. What's yours?
  5. Mass Effect series Battlefield series Assassins Creed series Finally, Quantic Dreams' Beyond two Souls
  6. Impressive. Seen the male version as well.
  7. Can't wait for episode 2 either. Telltale games really make good story driven games. FYI, they're even going to release The Walking Dead Season 2 this month from what I've heard.
  8. Nicely Done!!!
  9. Hello Everyone, I'm the TinSoldier, but you can call me Elliot (real name). I live in the United Kingdom in the small City of Chester. I'm currently in the final year of A-levels with the ambition to go to Uni next year. I've always been a gamer ever since I first got the PS2 11 years ago, mainly playing Playstation and PC games. I've enjoyed watching Youtube Videos of The Angry Joe Show for a very long time. I joined The AJSA the moment I saw Angry Joe's clip of his official advertisement for this. Since I enjoy being part of something and now that he has a fully structured gaming community I had to join. I look forward to seeing where we will go with this.
  10. Well in my opinion I'm getting a PS4. For my whole life I've been a Playstation gamer and I'm not going to abandon that loyalty. Also, I find that the PS4 more focused around games, which is why I want a console, not for extra little features for that, such as this special feature for your TV. It also has more power and space for my ever growing library and the games I've seen for it are just amazing. So, thumbs down for Xbox One , but a massive thumbs up for Playstation 4 !!!