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  1. Real motion control systems that work, the ones that are made for the "handicapped" for instance, cost way more than the entire Xbox system, and they're still a long way from being more than "great" at best. The Kinect uses low quality components and is designed to be massively mass produced at a minimum cost, and has no dedicated processor (afaik) to process the images. Expecting it to be more than a gimmick and extremely finicky would be rather daft. But it is very much up to the programmers, how well the Kinect's limited capabilities are utilized.
  2. We pay 25% tax on everything we buy, physical or not. Even ordering documents from the state, 25% tax on the fee. Only way for us (Danes) to get around it is to buy stuff from stores in a different country.
  3. All Blizzard beta keys are for US only, all their beta servers are in the L.A. datacenter (same with their PTR servers, which are in the same building). But it doesn't matter where you live, it just makes a difference for which region to tell the client to use, and how high your latency will be (expect 100-200 ms to those servers if you're in Europe). I'm not interested in the key, btw, I have been in the beta for a while (don't play though, I don't like the game).
  4. Thing is though, the "you're allowed to make videos of this game" statements I've seen for most games never mention the soundtrack. Basically the music included in the majority of AAA games is not part of what the developer has made, and as such them giving you permission to make videos of the game, may not necessarily cover all the rights required to use the music as well. But it is really because the music industry, and the movie industry as well, are archaic and have no understanding for the publicity they gain from having their music played on youtube. It's the same reason the movie industry stick to their 24 fps on celluloid format with the "you can't see anymore anyway" excuse, because they're too stuck in their old ways to start using modern equipment. It's the 21st century and those companies (music and movie) still act like it's the 19th. As for the law, US law is very generous at allowing the media industry to do whatever they want. They basically uphold the copyright laws themselves, and make up the rules as they go along. There is very little restriction on what they can get away with.
  5. Not that this thread is the right place to discuss ratings, but Trendino is clearly confused by his ignorance of other countries' laws. 1. ESRB ratings are only valid in USA and Canada, and it is illegal for stores to not abide by their recommendations. 18-rated (or R rating) is only for games containing pornography and explicit sex. M-rated, which is 17+ or 18 depending on state/province is for violent games like GTA and Saints Row. In Walmart we had to ask for ID if there was ever any doubt about the customer's age, and we pissed off quite a few people when we weren't allowed to sell the games to them because they were underage. 2. PEGI ratings are what we use in the EU. They're still recommendations and each country have their own laws regarding whether they have to be uphold or not. Most countries they're taken as gospel and stores get fined for not abiding by them. Denmark is one of the only "western" countries in the world where ratings on games are not required, don't exist, and are not regulated. Only pornographic titles require people to be 18, and as such they're not sold in regular stores. (Lula used to be sold in regular stores until they changed the law to include games). 3. Asia is a completely different story, and I'm still baffled at their rather odd take on ratings, and what is allowed for kids.
  6. The music industry have always been completely retarded when it comes to copyright issues. It has to do with how the artists are paid. American labels usually pay their artists a large sum up front based on expected record sales, and then a very small percentage in royalty afterwards - if anything at all. It allows their artists to release bad selling albums, and still make a lot of money. European labels typically don't pay very much up front, but rely almost entirely on royalty payments. If a record flops, the artist don't get paid very much - it varies with country though. Thing with royalty is, it requires that a fee is paid whenever the songs are played - it doesn't matter if the copyright fee has already been paid or not, royalty for music depends entirely on airtime. Not entirely sure about the US law, but by EU law you can only play 10 seconds (could be 30 now) of a song before you have to pay royalty of it. The royalty is irrelevant of whether the music is part of another product or not. And the law on it is also archaic and date back to vinyl records and radio stations. But Like TotalBiscuit says: Turn off the music or switch to the classical tracks. Otherwise you're sure to have to deal with copyright claims.
  7. Song is... meh, but not bad. I've been using AMD CPUs since 1998 - first one was AMD K6 MMX 200, which replaced my Pentium 75. But I wouldn't call myself a fanboi. I've got nothing against Intel, I just think they're too expensive for what you get. But without AMD Intel's prices would be even higher, so it's important to keep them both alive
  8. I'd be happy to take Burnout Paradise off your hands if you still have it. Or anyone else's hands since there's like 10 people that have posted about having a leftover key for it...
  9. I got some leftovers from the Yogscast Dwarven Dairy Drive (https://www.humblebundle.com/yogscast) << Donate now if you haven't, it's for a good cause. PM me if you're interested. First come, first serve. Only 1 key on hand for each. TF2 Heart of Gold DLC War of the Vikings - Yogscast Helmet (DLC) Awesomenauts + Honeydew Skin of Skølldir (game and DLC) EDIT: Awesomenauts have been claimed.
  10. Already had the first one from them, so just got the other 2. Thanks for the heads up
  11. Terrible fan/cooling design... hamster wheel fans are only good in theory. In reality they are so prone to get dust stuck in the tiny gap in the fins that they always end up being much louder than normal fans to provide the same cooling. Also they have metal brackets in the path of the airflow from the fans ... and in this case the fans use recycled warm air because they didn't bother putting air intakes in the box... Just going by the pictures though. Obviously they were trying to turn a 1U case into a TV mount, but that is the worst cooling design I've ever seen in a computer case. Even Apple's crappy cooling in their one-piece laptops is better designed.
  12. The fact that pretty much all they've done is remakes and polishes of the same movies over again is not exactly what I'd call a sign of quality. It just means they've run completely out of ideas and are just reusing everything they've already made the past 60 years, give it some spit and polish with modern technology, and call it a new movie. But never mind that. Indy's movies were already filled with lame jokes and nothing that could be called serious - fun movies sure, but hardly groundbreaking storylines. Disney can't really make it any worse unless they start singing like in all the other garbage they make under their own name.
  13. Console games cost a lot more usually... and they never go on sale to the same degree as PC games. Over the duration of a console's lifespan you spend a ton more money than playin the same games on PC (hardware cost included).
  14. Worth noting it says they were all stolen with keyloggers installed on people's computers. So if you've kept your computer clean you should not have anything to worry about.
  15. This was sent to me on Twitter... http://q13fox.com/2013/12/04/2-million-facebook-gmail-and-twitter-passwords-stolen-in-massive-hack/#axzz2mKbHfdiZ CNN's post about it on Facebook: http://money.cnn.com/2013/12/04/technology/security/passwords-stolen/index.html?hpt=hp_t2