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    Pallet Town, Kanto
  1. I have dabbled in programming and have made several small 'games' in the past, But I would certainly never want to become a developer of games full time. Not only would the high pressure and demand be the death of me but with the way the industry is right now, The payoff wouldn't really be that great either.
  2. With everything pointing to a PS5 reveal this year and a possible release in 2020 I would definitely not recommend wasting money on a PS4 Pro at this point. If you want to get into VR just stick with what you have for now, Although if you haven't already played a VR system I would recommended trying one out before buying it if possible since you don't want to spend all that money on something you can't use because it makes you sick.
  3. Personally I'm more of a Team Tigger, But I won't hold that against you.
  4. *Kicks you in the face* Sorry, but that's what you get for sneaking up behind me.
  5. I hate doing welcome topics but I suppose its a good a place as any to start. Anywho, Names Infinite Eevee but people just call me Eevee for short. Been watching the AJS for a number of years and finally decided to get more active in the community. As my name implies I'm more of a Nintendo fan with a Switch and 3DS, But I also got a PS4 too and I'm looking to expand my inventory of online games on the system. I guess that's all for now, keep it short and sweet. I look forward to meeting you all .... Oh and watch out for six tailed foxes.