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  1. I feel like the headset will be an awesome step forward for movies and education as well as gaming, it will be a new way to experience a game and older styles to keep things fresh. I just hope it will turn out to be something that will last, and possibly even become a standard; Instead of dying out like the guitar hero breed and various Nintendo gimmicks that no longer have much play value other than the first few years(the games themselves are pretty good, just the gimmicks get old for me). For example I don't really use the 3D setting too much on my 3DS.... it kind of hurts my eyes after a while and gives me headaches, and after a while the games are pretty fun without the 3D so I kind of just keep it off. This headset shows much promise, I hope it will keep a lasting affect and have a surplus of well suited games for it! Other than gaming though this headset has many practical uses nonetheless so a certain degree of success seems insured.
  2. Trying to put a band together at the moment, it's been my buddy and I for the longest time, still need drums, bass, and vocals. Getting recording gear next month though, gonna post up some songs and see if anyone bites on it.
  3. Totaly agree^ Do you listen to Thulcandra? They are pretty tasty melo black metal, also what are your thoughts on some old candlemass?
  4. look up edguy, as well as Angra. Look up Spread your fire by Angra. Some really good power metal
  5. I agree about the horror games, I can't imagine playing that shit hahaha. what sucks is you can't back away when you get scared though because it's attached to your face
  6. One of my personal favorites has always been and always will be Ocarina of time, and various other legend of zelda game soudntracks. I also like the starcraft 2, red alert 3, and age of empires 2 soundtracks....and of course brutal legends. what about you guys?
  7. what are some concerts you guys have been to recently? My last concert was FLESHGOD APACOLYPSE with WINTERSUN. There's another concert coming up in January which is going to have ENSLAVED, SKELTONWITCH, and AMON AMARTH!
  8. What do you guys think about this new virtual reality headset? Will it change gaming, or will it just be a huge gimmick? Will they craft games around this new technology just as they have movie scenes that are extra close up for the new 3d crap. Would you actually buy this headset?
  9. I would read the shit out of that post
  10. Glad to see so many metalheads up in here \M/! Metalheads and video games always seem to go hand in hand. What are some upcoming albums you guys are looking forward to? I'm looking forward to some new behemoth, prostitute disfigurement, and soreption next year \M/
  11. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9wmcUMSCsKA that melodic black metal keeps it real
  12. favorite genre and 5 bands your currently really into? Death metal deeds of flesh thulcandra pyrexia Angra wretched
  13. Personally I think WOW should finally rest in piece and warcraft 4 should be made. The expansion itself is pretty wacky sounding. What do you guys think?
  14. I have both of them, I would say when I feel like laughing or getting weak at idiotic shit and cod antics, or stealing peoples dog tags in kill confirmed I play ghosts. When I feel like having a good time with friends and playing a strategical fps on a more serious note with team based combat I play battlefield. ALTHOUGH be warned, I was expecting a least a decent shooter from cod since they have a usual formula for their games, but this has to have been the worst call of duty I have ever played.
  15. Well, luckily I bought the game in the mind set of laughing at the usual call of duty antics and idiotic crap they shove into their games. While the game still retains its humor, I was still expecting a decent shooter as they stick to their usual formula. This is probably the worst call of duty I have ever played.