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    Now or here? It's still nowhere to me.
  1. I had this game for years long before it came out on steam, it's a simple empire building format, gather towns, destroy enemies etc. However it's quite fluid with he animation of units fighting, difficulty of frythans and the map generator is great, having multiple Islands with shipps to travel and colonize make it unique in away. Sadly the feature doesn't exist in 7K2 but I found the fist to be more fun because of the water element.
  2. There's always been people trying to take a bite of whatever is trending and then try to magnify the drama by exaggeration, dramatising and ranting. I'm sure it was only last year or before that there were some videos saying 'joe has turned on the fan base' 'joe's crashing out' etc etc. Yet Joe's videos are not just on my feed but high on youtube trending in general. A recent example of people chasing trends was projared when his personal life was exposed and everything just kicked off having youtubers, (and some I'm sure once praised projared) turn against him not just in critique but in full on rant mockery click baiting mode. I find that there are a number of youtubers that are quite opportunistic, or more to it willing to jump on a trend if it gives them the extra subscribers.
  3. I don't have angry joe related art up yet (because I'm struggling to get the time to try.) So I'll show case some artwork, that I done over time, there isn't as much other fan art besides xcom which i do a lot of, regardless here is some current material: To view everything high res it's all on my DA profile https://www.deviantart.com/thebritwriter/gallery/
  4. Keep hold of the warranty and note for anything "unusual" all the same. I actually got top of the range laptop once back in 06 when there was a computer scheme at work (encouragement to enrol on a skills course and get a third price off a computer bought at certain stores with deducations being manageable via the wage.) It was quite a good deal, yet the monitor screen started showing 'lines' across the screen till it covered the screen and computer went dead. Not sure how that happened but it happened fast, and just not long after the warranty passed as well! I wasn't happy at the time.. Still have a blast with that computer but just keep an eye out for anything unusual all the same.
  5. Supported Phoenix point via Fig before Epic games stepped in and well, was disapointed and got refund (eventually) as me and a friend pooled money to it. To be perfectly honest i never touched kickstarter, and "mighty number 9" put me off when I learnt of the shambles. I tell a lie i did support one kickstarter campaign and that was for a freind who was promoting his own pen brand and knew him well enough that he will be able to fulfill his promises. Other then that i'm quite skeptical towards campaign supporting.
  6. Hello all, as my title shows I am indeed a brit and do indeed like writing, join those two together and what do you get? A cleaning website suddenly closing 48hrs after my registration because they question me if I was a journalist because the word "writer" was in it. (When all I wanted was a workshop for industrial cleaning techniques, but you know journalists, always keen to be noticeable as much as possible when undercover) So besides my hobby, nationality and some traits of sarcasm I do art and just talk about stuff, mainly of my past and present lines of work adding in experience with perspective and just be social whenever I can. I do like to show art material of course as I work hard to create my own audience within a saturated internet full of already talented artists. Current gaming interests, xcom, legacy of kain stealth games and old gems like seven kingdoms 1 and 2. I'm not everyone's cup of tea which is fine with me because I drink Coffee (usually black) Regards thebritwriter