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  1. thebritwriter liked a post in a topic by BlackOpsElf in I have a bad feeling about this? I think?   
    Legitimate criticism is fine, provided it is delivered in a respectful and professional fashion. What I have a problem with is someone who rants and raves constantly about something beyond the point of reason, turning what could be a decent discussion into a screaming match. One should state one's opinions and move on. This guy doesn't do that. The very nature of his channel proves that, as he promises 3 vids a day. Where is all that content going to come from? He'll have to make drama where there is none and overemphasize topics in order to meet that stipulation. A channel operating almost solely on ranting is starting from a flawed position in the first place. Legit crit comes from rational consideration, not mechanical repetition.
  2. thebritwriter liked a post in a topic by Lazilot in Microtransaction Ban Bill in the US   
    I'm not touching that one with a ten foot pole but suffice to say I would be happy not having to pay another 60$ just to get the rest of an already 60$ game and hundreds more on lootboxes with completely random rewards just so I can make my generic nobody character look any different from the hodge podge of chucklefucks surrounding me.
    I get expansions like in GW2 because adding new content is a great way to get players to keep supporting the game while also actually rewarding them for doing so, but I absolutely hate companies like EA, Ubisoft and TOEI nickel and diming people for basic features like THE ABILITY TO HAVE ANOTHER SAVE SLOT or RESELLING YOU THE SAME RECYCLED CONTENT FROM PREVIOUS GAMES -- it's just ludicrous what these companies can get away with doing and at this point nothing they do surprises me anymore.
    I used to watch Jim Sterling and Angry Joe complain about this stuff and be shocked by just what companies were getting away with but now? I'm numb, it doesn't effect me anymore, I'm just tired of it and want it to go away.
  3. thebritwriter liked a post in a topic by Sloppypencil in Angry Joe Fanart Displate.   
    Hey guys! Made a print of Angry Joe for the Displate community contest.
    Hope you like it! And I hope they get to see it! I imagine a lot of people sent the entries.

    Here is more of my art if anyone is interested.
    Keep being awesome guys.

  4. Tmacster1 liked a post in a topic by thebritwriter in Wondering?   
    Keep hold of the warranty and note for anything "unusual" all the same. I actually got top of the range laptop once back in 06 when there was a computer scheme at work (encouragement to enrol on a skills course and get a third price off a computer bought at certain stores with deducations being manageable via the wage.) It was quite a good deal, yet the monitor screen started showing 'lines' across the screen till it covered the screen and computer went dead. Not sure how that happened but it happened fast, and just not long after the warranty passed as well! I wasn't happy at the time..
    Still have a blast with that computer but just keep an eye out for anything unusual all the same.
  5. thebritwriter liked a post in a topic by Doctor_GLaDOS in Stream team Intro (Star trek TNG parody)   
  6. BigRonO liked a post in a topic by thebritwriter in Has anyone backed a game on Kickstarter before?   
    Supported Phoenix point via Fig before Epic games stepped in and well, was disapointed and got refund (eventually) as me and a friend pooled money to it. 
    To be perfectly honest i never touched kickstarter, and "mighty number 9" put me off when I learnt of the shambles.
    I tell a lie i did support one kickstarter campaign and that was for a freind who was promoting his own pen brand and knew him well enough that he will be able to fulfill his promises. Other then that i'm quite skeptical towards campaign supporting.